Phone and Tablet

I’ve looked and can’t find an answer.

I’ve been using ST on my phone without issue for ages. I decided to install ST on my Tablet but that deleted my phone routines.
I set them up again and found that my Tablet also had these routines mirrored. When I changed my Tablet to not be used for location it wiped the routines again.

I don’t carry my tablet around so if it’s still indoors then my Away routine won’t trigger ?

I suggest you talk to support. (This forum is mostly just customers helping other customers.)

What you’re describing shouldn’t happen as far as deleting most SmartThings routines. I have the ST app on 2 phones and 3 tablets, no issues. :thinking: SmartThings routines are defined at the account level, it shouldn’t matter how many devices you have.

I don’t know if there’s some special case for routines involving Geopresence, though.

To Contact Support

Open the ST app.

Tap on the 3 horizontal line “Menu” icon on the icon row.

Choose “contact us.”

Or if you’re in the US, you can use this page:

Choosing which devices use geopresence

You have the option for each individual device to say whether it should be used for Geopresence, so I only have that turned on for one phone.

Again, start by selecting the Menu icon.

This time, select the “options” gear icon in the upper right.

Scroll down the next page and you will find the option to use this device for location or not. Just turn that off for any device you don’t want used for geopresence.


I deliberately posted in the community as other users may have known the answer.

It seems as though because my phone and tablet both have the same Samsung account login the settings are identical on each. I’ve since proved this by altering items on both my phone and tablet and they are changed on both, they are synchronised.

Not a big deal so I’ve removed it from the tablet so I only have one device monitoring my location for routines.

Yes, they should stay synchronized, I’m just still not sure why routines would be deleted just because you added the app on another device. I haven’t had that happen. :thinking:

Ah, right, so it’s working as intended. Thanks.

My main concern is that if my tablet is accepting location requests then surely an Away routine won’t trigger until all devices are outside of the radius ?

To fix that scenario I turned the tablet ST location off, permission denied, and that deleted the routines again.

The deleting of the routine wasn’t an issue and I suspect it was because the newly ST installed tablet had no routines the phone followed suit.
When I added the routine back in it appeared on both devices.

Thanks again, I think phone only.

I use both a Google Pixel phone and a Samsung tablet and always have. Both are logged in to the same Samsung account.

Routines and scenes are part of your account and will be the same.

Presence sensing is on a per-device basis so there is no issue having it on for your phone and off for your tablet.

In the app, select the menu tab, then the gear icon at the top right. Tap the “get your location from this…” item. Turn location off when setting from the tablet and on when setting from the phone. Once set up, you’ll see both devices listed.

There are other things you can set such as whether your favorites are synced between devices.

When you create Routines the Member Location condition prompts for a selection of individual devices belonging to Members and then uses on any or all of them as required. So if you don’t carry your tablet around you don’t select it.

I tend to avoid Routines because I can’t accept the sort of behaviour you describe. I’ve not seen it myself but I have noticed that if you haven’t enabled location detection on the phone you are using you can’t set up Routines using Member Location.


I did spot that setting I’ll try again

Good info! I’ve never enabled Location for more than one device so didn’t really know you could select multiple devices for one Member. Thanks!

Thanks all.

This time I didn’t allow the prompt to get the tablet location and all seems OK.

I think, reading the info that location is required for routines, I’d allowed the tablet to get it’s location on setup. Then when I disabled the tablet location is said … OK no location = no routines, which wiped them from both devices.

Makes sense now.