Philips Hue Wireless Dimmer Switch?

Most of my light switches at home have been re-wired with the fibaro relay. However, I have a 2 way switch arrangement in the landing and passage downstairs and for ease of setting up, i just ended up installing philips hue bulbs in them. I’ve paired the hue bulbs directly to the ST hub without a hue bridge. I’ve come across the following Hue wireless dimmer switch which people seem to sell wall plates for that can cover existing light switches. Question is, can this switch be paired directly with ST as well like the hue bulb can and is there a DH for this?

It’s not a supported device, so your mileage my vary

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I have 4 of them paired directly to smartthings and have had very little trouble. they do require custom code, which means they won’t work if the cloud connection is unavailable, and there is slight delay from the cloud, so just something to be aware of. (in contrast, if the dimmer and bulbs are paired with the hue bridge, execution is fast and local to the Hue system, but there isn’t a good way to see the dimmer activity in smartthings).

Since you mention covering existing light switches, I also have several of the Sylvania Lightify 73743 switches, which work well (though only have 2 buttons), and the official DTH for these (zigbee button) runs locally.


Thanks @TonyFleisher i’ve ordered two of the hue switches. I don’t mind the delay so much. To be honest I don’t use the switch anyway to turn the lights on as i’ve got a rule to turn the bulbs on and off based on motion and lux readings and time of day. So for me I want to really cover the existing light switches to prevent accidentally turning the power to the bulbs off and also just have the ability to also use a switch just incase i need to turn it off or on.

@TonyFleisher which custom code device handler are you using for the switch? Any chance you can share the link?

I think I started with the one above linked by sidjohn1, then made a few changes to better fit my needs.

Hello TonyFleisher,
Would you mind sharing you code changes?

There is an Edge driver for Hue Dimmer switches if you want to check it out…


I have tried with the edge driver and after a certain amount of time the dimmer disconnects.
Decided to purchase a SONOFF USB 3.0 everytime a device plays up I’m gonna move it to ZHA.
Bye, bye SmartThings.

February 11

There is an Edge driver for Hue Dimmer switches if you want to check it out…