Philips Hue, still not working with ST without Hue hub?

I still read that you need to have Philips Hue hub in order to connect Hue devices to the ST. Is that true, no straight connection to ST?
If that is the case its a no go for me, do any of you know a similar “mood” changing lighting that works directly with ST without any extra hubs?
Thank you.

It is better to use the hue bridge for the reasons in the following FAQ:

But there are some community members who are using it pair directly.

As far as zigbee alternatives, Cree Connect, Osram/Sylvania, and Sengled can all be directly connected. Sengled don’t repeat, but for that reason they will not mess up your zigbee mesh either. :sunglasses:

See the official compatibility list:


When my original hub died, I had to buy a Hue bridge just to get one stinking light to work, again. The bridge was less than replacing the bulb.

The Osram/Sylvania bulbs work well for me. I do use a custom device handler so that I can do color looping and such, but for basic on/off and colors, the stock Zigbee RGBW DH works fine.

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This may not be the direct answer to the question : SmartThings has released a direct Cloud to Cloud integration for Hue
This would mean that users who don’t have a SmartThings hub, they can on-board their hue integration directly with all the key functionalities.
A hue bridge is required.
This integration can be found under - SmartThings app home page > Tap on + button > Add device > Philips Hue brand > Tap on Lights > Tap on “Philips Hue without SmartThings Hub”

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Correct: It is off topic for this thread since it is the other way around. This thread is for people who do have a smartthings hub. Your post is ontopic in those threads where someone has a hue bridge but wants to use smartthings in the “hub optional” configuration. :sunglasses:

I pared mine directly but i have the dimmer switch to reset It, the hue bulbs seem alot slower than the chinese ones i have might be because the zigbee.
If you have the dimmer switch starter kit just get really close to the bulb and hold on and off for about 10 secs the bulb Will blink turno It off and on then detect with smartthings app

So like this I could get rid of the Hue bridge? I heard that Philips is disabling online services on the Hue hub v1… which is the one I have… I’m thinking of changing all the bulbs to pair with ST directly… even if ST doesn’t officially endorse that move… Ideas?

I believe I have seen other posts where hue bulbs are terrible zigbee repeaters when connected directly to the ST hub.

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Hue dropping support for their V1 bridge doesn’t change the fact that you still need a bridge for the integration with smartthings.

See the FAQ. Everything in it is still true. :sunglasses:

FAQ: Do I need the Hue Bridge/Hub to Use a Hue Bulb with SmartThings?