Philips Hue Outdoor Lighting & Motion Sensor (updated March 2019)

Arriving early 2019:

Added Fall 2018:

Added Summer 2018:


These look good! I wonder if they have motion sensor in built (at least the wall lantern), otherwise these aren’t too useful for side yard. With motion sensor you can log motion plus have the lights on during motion.

The Specs don’t say what the actual fixtures voltage is…? (Just says the main power is 110v).

Our rather large garden is wired up with 12v AC all over, and easy to tap new draws… So I certainly don’t want to draw an entire secondary low voltage infrastructure.


I have been waiting for this so I can add some lily spots that can be colorful along the front of my house along the sidewalk to my front door.

Just picked up some calla bollards and Lilly spotlights. Really nice.
Unfortunately I upgraded my hue bridge too, I previously had the old circle bridge) and now SmartThings refuses to find my new hub.

Hue integration is now completely broken on my system after 2+ years of seamless integration.

All because I wanted new garden lights!. Frustrated!!

Managed to get one from Dell. Lightstrip outdoor from Best Buy (waiting for extension cord) :frowning. Out of stock everywhere.

Are the small lights the Sylvania ones?

If so, how well do the colors match between the two?

Yes! They are. The colors don’t match perfectly.

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I would like to use the outdoor motion sensor, but I don’t have a Hue Bridge. Does it appear as a Zigbee device in SmartThings - so that I don’t have to have the bridge?