Philips Hue lights not 100% stabile

Hi All

I have created a group consisting of two Philips Hue lights to turn on when a Smarthings Door Sensor opens up.

I would say that about 60 % of the time, both of the lights turn on when the door is opened. So it isn’t a very stabile solution when only one of the lights in the group turn on.

It is the same when I close the door and the lighting group should turn of, only 1 of the lights turn off.

I have tried replacing the Window/Door sensor, replacing the batteries, delete and reconfiguring the group and rule. But nothing seems to fix the issue. I have also tried to move the SmartThings Hub closer to the sensor, but with the same result.

Anyone know if this is just SmartThings and normal behavior?

Thanks in advance.

have you tried without the lighting group? Just use the individual lights in the automation to turn on/off :slight_smile:

Yes I have, that is how they are running atm.

Same result, so it seems weird.

It’s not unusual with SmartThings, but you can often improve the situation significantly, it just depends on the details.

First, if one of the lights turns on almost all the time, it’s not the sensor. The sensor is doing its job in communicating to the hub. The issue is in the communications to the bulbs.

So we need to look at that in a little more detail. A few questions.

One) is it always the same bulb that fails to turn on? Or is it just random as to which one comes on?

Two) where are the bulbs physically located in relation to the hub and to each other?

Three) are these hue bulbs which are connected to a hue bridge? Or did you try connecting them directly to the smartthings hub? (They will work better when you are also using a Hue bridge, and that is the only officially supported method.)

Four) what model hub do you have?

Five) if you don’t use a group, does the problem go away? It wasn’t quite clear from your post.

Well, that’s enough to start with. Depending on the answers to those five questions, we can start looking at things that might improve the situation. :sunglasses::bulb::bulb:

Hi JDRoberts,

Thank you for reaching out and sorry for the delay in answering your post.

One)Over the last few days I have noticed that it is the same bulb every time. Also I can confirm that it is the connection to the bulbs that is failing. I can see in my smarthome app that the status of the sensor is always valid.

Two)The bulbs are physically located about 12 meters away from the hub. And the bulbs themself are just right next to each other.

Tree)The hue bulbs are connected to the Hue bridge, and then I have imported my lights to SmartThings through the bridge.

Four) I have the SmartThings Hub (2018)

Five) The problem is the same when not using a group.

Thanks again😀

thanks for those answers. :sunglasses:

  1. if you put the two bulbs into a scene in smartthings, do you still have the problem when you activate that scene?

  2. if you turn on the room using the Hue app, do you still have the same problem? (I assume since they’re right next to each other that they are in the same “room“ in your Hue app.)

  3. if you exchange the position of the two bulbs, do you have the same problem, or does the problem follow the bulb to its new position?

  1. I will try and create a scene in SmartThings, that I havn’t tried yet.

  2. Yes they do turn on when I use Hue app room setting to enable them.

Yesterday I noticed something strange… I opened the door into the room, and then the lights were supposed to turn on, but they didn’t. I then left the door open, and took a look in the smartthings app to see the status. I here confirmed that the multi sensor did sense that the door had opened up, but both the lights were “off”… If I shut the door, then the multisensor closed in the smartthings app, I then reopened the door, the multi sensor then changed state to “opened”, but the lights were still off. I then tried to turn the lights “on” from the smartthings app, and it worked as it should, I could toggle them on and off from the SM app with no issues, but the multisensor didn’t do it.

  1. I will see if I can change the position of the bulbs.
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