Philips Hue and switch

Hi all,

I wanted to know whether the philips hue bulbs would work with the below switch…or any type of zwave switch.

What would be needed for this to work and does anyone have any experience of this?

Any advice appreciated.


Yup. You can make it work. Basically, you need this DTH: [RELEASE] Remotec ZRC-90 Scene Master - Button Device Supporting 24 Unique Button Commands. Once you pair it with your ST hub, you can then program the buttons to control your Hue lights through your ST hub.

Great, thanks. I don’t have a smart things hub. Realise this is an ST
forum, but any ideas if it would work with a Vera plus? Cheers

Looks like it will: Of course, me not having a Vera+ to test with, I’m not 100% certain of the limitations or what’s involved with actually programming the buttons. Just doing a quick scan of some Vera sites, it seems that you can trigger on/off/scene commands from a button input to the Hue bridge (if you have your Hue bridge linked to your Vera+).

Thanks for the reply. Wondered also if anyone has any experience of this
fibaro dimmer module.

I’m wondering how it would operate in a 4-gang switch unit. Would it
require a rocker switch? Or could it be used with conventional
switch/dimmer? I can’t see tell what the user experience would be in a
normal switch set up?

Am in the UK.