Philips HUE and Fibaro Dimmer

Philips has two battery-operated light switches, the Tap and the Dimmer Switch. Both work well, they just don’t look like conventional switches. And they don’t fit over existing switches, Perhaps in part to keep the cost down as they sell the same device in both the US and the UK. These work very well as long as you are OK with the aesthetics. The Remotec 8 button panel is another option. And of course in the UK the Devolo battery operated switch looks just like a conventional UK switch, you just have to figure out where to put it and how to cover the existing switch.

For the US market, just this year there is a new device class which has been introduced, the smart switch cover. There is one for Zigbee and one for Z wave. These do fit right over an existing US style light switch and again, work very well. So we can hope that those will be introduced for the UK market eventually, but it is hard to say as that market is much smaller.

The issue as a whole is discussed at length in the UK lighting FAQ. Many people are OK with using a handheld minimote or The wooden cube for lighting control.

So there are many lighting control options for smart bulbs. The one thing that is missing for the UK market is the smart switch cover. Time will tell on that one as to whether the market is big enough to support a UK version.