Fibaro dimmer 2 or ST button?

I’ve successfully used a Fibario dimmer 2 on my kitchen lights. Now I want to do some other lights, namely my bathrooms. Would I be better going down the Fibario route again which would mean getting an electrician out again or would the ST button suffice. If I go the button route I’d imagine I could close off the switch with a blank plate and stick the button on there. Haven’t used a button before so was wondering what the best route would be


Hi John,

In my bathroom I installed a Fibaro Dimmer 2 module and control it with a Hue Dimmer Switch.

You can use it in a 2-wire connection, without a neutral wire.

I have a ceiling light connected to the dimmer with 4x dimmable led bulbs.

With the Hue Dimmer Switch I can switch it on/off and dimm (I choose steps of 25%).

Grtn Ben

I thought the whole point of the Fibaro is that you don’t need to use other ‘smart’ stuff on it, you use a regular switch that way folk can use the switch as normal but also have the functionality of it being smart with the Fibaro in there, so you can use the app if need be and also install motion sensors etc. Am I missing something? Is the hue dimmer just a fancy dumb switch?


I have the Fibaro Dimmer 2 module with the standard wall switch connected. The light can be controlled via the wall switch, the Hue Dimmer Switch (has a magnet and sticky tape) and all you add via the SmartThings hub and App.

The Hue Dimmer Switch is a Smart 4 buttons control working with Zigbee.

During the night the light is dimm if you want, 1% for example, you can program the time (23-8h) and the level.

Only with the wall switch works good for on/off, but dimming is guessing when you flip the switch.


Grtn Ben