Philips Hue A19 Starter Kit Availability

After getting a ST hub for Christmas I was hoping to get some lights. I’ve had good experience with GE Link bulbs, but they are not available. Plus, many of you suggested connecting to the Hue hub anyway.

Then I started looking for at the A19 Starter Kit and it is not out of stock everywhere. Home Depot, Amazon, Philips, etc. Does this suggest they are getting rid of the starter kit altogether or that a refresh is imminent? I really don’t need the color changing lights, I’ve played with several and they just don’t do anything for us so the Ambiance lights are overkill.

That kit was one of the top-selling items of the Christmas season, it’s just sold out everywhere. Most places say they expect it back in stock in about 10 days.

Home Depot Canada says some individual stores still have it in stock, but you have to check store by store.

Thanks. There is nothing within a reasonable drive where I live so I’ll just have to wait.

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Looks like the Hue A19 Starter Kit is back in stock on their website.

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You can find them used/like new on Amazon for $62, free shipping for Prime members.

Best Buy near me shows them in stock as well as available for ordering.

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