Philip hue hub offline in Smartthings

I noticed my hue hub is showing as being offline in my Smarthings app but I can still turn my lights on/off, my Hue Hub is online in the Hue APP. Do I have to delete the Hue hub in my Smartthings App first then add it back in. Also I noticed that the wording for adding the hub has changed, it now says Connect to Smartthings hub or link account. Stating the difference is if I connect devices directly to my Smartthings hub the response is faster & reliable. Linking my account allows use of devices even if I don’t have a hub or my hub is disconnected. Which one is better?

It’s exactly like it says: if you have a hue bridge and a smartthings hub, using direct connection between them will run faster and be more reliable.

If you don’t have a smartthings hub but you do have a hue bridge, the “link my account “sets up a cloud to cloud integration between your two accounts. So there’s the potential for a little more lag and a few more places where things can go wrong.

Only use one of these methods or things will get very confusing.

So basically if you have a SmartThings/Aeotec hub, use the direct connection. If you don’t, link your accounts instead. (People who don’t probably have a Samsung smart television or smart appliance and want to also control a hue bridge with their smartthings app.)

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