Philio PST02-1C compatibility with Smartthings Hub?

Please has anyone got experience with this sensor to connect to the hub.
I have recently purchased this system and separate sensors. Presently this sensor will connect but states its in an Open condition, but I cannot do anything else with it.
Is this because its not compatible or because its Z Wave and not not suitable with my hub.
Any assistance would be helpful


If that’s the 3-in-1 (open/close, lux, temp) sensor, I have the older PSM-01 version of that device. I have 4 working very well with SmartThings, but it needs custom code:

I can’t guarantee that code will work for you, but you can try. If you haven’t used custom code before, please look at this wiki:

Also, these devices are a pain in the butt to get to join correctly. Pair them right next to the hub, and continually trip the sensor for a few minutes, or press the tamper switch after you tap on the config tile. Eventually it will work, so be patient and don’t be surprised if you need to exclude and re-include them a few times.