Petition for Early Release of Rule Machine to Run Locally

I suspect this will only happen if ST makes it an official app.


I expect neither will happen.

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C’mon Bruce, it will be @alex’s Christmas gift to all of us!

Aye for sure. Great work.

What process? It is unmanned.


100% agree that Rule Machine should be allowed to run locally, for reasons previously mentioned). That said, SmartThings is not a democracy, so I suspect our “petition” will accomplish little more than a feel good.

AYE!!! (20 char)

+1 Aye!!!

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It’s been in the “process” for 19 days. Nada. There it sits, and most likely will to continue to sit. I have other submissions in the same position in the process, that have been there much longer. I repeat, there is no process. Face it, community apps are a PIA for them, bottom of a pile that grows daily.

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What is ST’s attitude/policy towards local apps? I saw a flurry of complaints when v2 was released with so much less than what was expected by the community, but I don’t hear much now. Is what we have now, pretty much it? Or is there some indication local can be opened up (sometime down the road)? Is some security provision needed first?


However, I don’t hold my breath about being soon…

I could be convinced to upgrade to v2 if this were to occur. Only then will it be worth it to reconfigure all my devices onto the new hub. AYE for me. As it sits right now, cloud is so broken, I don’t see upgrading in the near future. Is it even an upgrade right now? Or more a side load?

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I’m gonna have to vote a great big yuuuuuuup! on this one!

Give me local RuleMachine or give me death!

Well, that might be a bit harsh.

Please just give me local RuleMachine.

There is no one approving apps, stability issues caused by user submitted apps?, are you seriously suggesting that community apps are borking the platform?, and that’s the reason for not approving them?
The reason they’re not being worked on is that there are plenty of platform issues, and stock app issues, and mobile app issues. The current state of ST is demanding all hands on deck to get these issues resolved.
Just look at the number of java/JVM errors that are produced by the stock apps, in comparison to a decent community created one…


So there is no better time than now to let others use the capabilities set forth by the ST platform

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I have submitted at least 5 or 6 tweaks to stock device types for improvements, as well as a couple of smartapps. over 2 months ago. none are in review. My guess is they don’t have to staff to dedicate to that with all else going on.

I’d buy a v2 hub right away if this ran locally since almost everything I have is now in RM!


Aye, aye, captain! Please ST make it an official app that runs locally.

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