PC Presence Sensor


I have a PIR sensor in my office but apparently I am not moving around enough to trigger motion to trigger the sensor.

Since I’m just putzing around on the computer, it seems to me that it should be easy for some app on the computer to detect if I am present or not. Is there anything out there like this already?



To sort of answer my own question, I think the best way to do this is via IFTTT. I’ll look into it a bit more.

Can you report back here if you find a solution? That sounds like something I’d use on days when I work from home. Thanks!

I am working on a script that detects idle time and screensaver events. The next step is either ifttt or connecting it to a virtual tile. This would create a sort of virtual motion sensor. I wish ST would allow more elaborate rule building, but as of right now this looks like a smart app.

  1. You could try an outlet plug control so it knows the pc is using power, which would mean you are in the room? Then shut off would trigger x, y, z triggers?

  2. You could try a pc android emulator with smartthings on it.

  3. You could try using a WOL but i’m just brainstorming…i have no knowledge on how to set that up.

I’ve kind of hacked around with running a webserver when I am present on the computer. ST can pick up the httpd as a device with a ping emulator device I wrote.

Kind of hacky, but that’s where I am thus far. If IFTTT had a google Chrome channel that would probably get me pretty close, but they don’t.

this is pretty cool. I wonder if it could be modified to send a wake-on-lan signal to power on a computer? with harmony integration i could finally have my computer power on and off with a scene.