Party Routine--make lights flash random colors quickly?

How can I setup a routine to make the colored lights flash random colors? I have not found a way in the ST app. I have looked at webCoRE. I was able to get it flashing, but it was a slow flash. Not what I had in mind. Ideally, I would like to start a routine with a push of a button, or tap of a phone as it were. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

What’s the brand of the lights?

SYLVANIA SMART+ A19 Full Color + Tunable White LED Bulb, 60W Equivalent, Works with Amazon Alexa and SmartThings

Have you seen this thread?

Thanks for the link. I did use webCoRE to get this working. It just seems slow to respond. Maybe that is due to the cloud delay. I will keep looking. May have to see if I can put together a RaspPI for local control.

Quick second question, would you know of a smart light switch that controls color of bulbs also?

Thanks for the help.

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Nothing with the color dial.

People typically use one of the following.

One) Remotec 8 Button Device, allows for 24 preset scenes. Each button accepts tap, double tap, or long hold.


  1. build a “mood cube” which uses one of the motion sensors that has an accelerometer in it to tell which face is right side up, so giving you a choice of six scenes.
  1. get an inexpensive Wi-Fi phone, typically around $20, and wall-mount it


Then you can display any app that you like for color control.

So different things work for different people, but I’m not aware of any specific color wheel switch that’s currently available.