Looking for a Colour Animation SmartApp

I’ve been looking for ages, for a smartapp that can do custom colour animations.

Example 1: When I turn on a Virtual Switch, the Hue Bloom will fade between a randomized colour within {light blue, light green, turquoise, aqua, teal} for an underwater scene in my daughter’s bedroom

Example 2: Home is set to Away Mode (or SHM Armed), and Motion is Detected in the back garden. play a loop of a triple flash strobe in bright blue, on an ambiant Hue to imitate police lights.

I know some of these things can be done with iOS apps, but I would prefer to be able to add these as part of a scene, or automatic trigger without requiring a phone Presense.

I’m sure something like this could be done as a SmartApp in Groovy, but I have no experience in programming SmartApps, so not the faintest clue how to do it programmatically.

Anyone looking to take on a project?

You can probably accomplish this with CoRE.

Example 1:

As noted above, this can be done easily with the CoRE smartapp.

Here is a post I wrote earlier to help someone achieve a red / green loop for Christmas. Same principle applies for any number of colour combinations though.

Example 2:

You won’t be able to create a strobe effect with any Snartthings app due to the inherent lag and latency caused by the cloud / mesh network. CoRE for example treats a wait of less than 3 seconds as an immediate command. Multiple immediate commands get jumbled and overlapped so won’t work.

For police strobe I would suggest using the Fibaro RGBW module as it has a police option hard coded into the device (American Police - red blue strobe)

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I saw the red/green loop. I couldn’t figure out whether it would instantly switch colours, or whether it could slowly fade from one colour to the next.


This is the Fibaro police strobe:

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This is with a random colour change every 3 seconds (using CoRE):

Fades smoothly between colours on Fibaro, not sure how RGB bulbs behave but likely to be similar.