Pair Ikea Fyrtur Remote with Fyrtur Blinds?

Thank you Andrew, will do that.

One more question, did you set it up using the included repeater or without it?

I’ve added the repeater after to improve link quality

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Hm, I thought that that could cause my problems, but tried with and without it, no difference.

The same thing happens with the ST “official” beta driver.

Gentle Wakeup is from SmartThings Labs.

Shady is here.

most likely Shady is from pre-edge era and obsolete. Gentle wakeup works with switch level capability,


Thanks - that’s very helpful. Gentle Wakeup is also one of the default templates in the Groovy IDE (I know, it’s moribund), so I can probably tweak it on my own.

Any news on this topic?


First of all thanks for edge driver!

Can add support to the new PRAKTLYSING blind please?

So I purchased tredansen blinds a few weeks ago, got them working using Andrews driver’s and life was swell. But at some point in the past week (maybe 3-4 days) something broke. Smart things is properly detecting battery level, blinds height, etc. But it’s unable to open/close blinds, resulting in a “network or server error has occurred”. I’ve tried re-adding a few different ways but I keep having the same issue.

Anyone else experiencing this? And ideas for resolution?

first of all try rebooting and rebooting. If that doesn’t fix the workflow, try installing the smartthings cli and submit the log.

I’m thinking about buying few Fyrtur blinds. But when reading about all these problems I’m starting to have second thoughts. Is there still problems with Ikea blinds?

I’ve literally just managed to connect the repeater, remote and new Praktylsing blind to ST and used the remote to move the blinds with zero issue. Next step is to actually install them and figure out the grouping and % open/close stuff but it’s working so far.

Brilliant news! Are you using Edge driver or stock DTH?

I’m using the beta stock edge driver at the moment. I’ve never had smart blinds before so I’ll get it up and running with that and then play around with others.

Thanks. That helps, I want to use only Edge driver for my devices.

I’m struggling here. Downloaded your drivers that you posted. Blinds work great with ST however can’t get the remote to work it’s either one or the other. Any help
Much appreciated

did you get all the devices connected?
as far as I remember you have to put all the devices in one group

I seen that.

All devices being what though.

I pie blinds to ST. Then if I pair remote to blinds it cancels out the ST.

What do I pair to what?

Sorry new to ST and still learning

connect everything to the ST hub , so all the devices will be in the same network.
then go to the settings of every device and assign the devices to the same Zigbee group