Moving to windowShadeLevel capabilitiy, and Edge Drivers

Traditionally, Window shade devices used switchLevel capability to show current position and command percentage movements.

It seems that ST started planning to introduce windowShadeLevel capability around May 2021, but ST team haven’t remove the legacy switchLevel capability in the DTH for backward compatibility.

However, ST just wiped out the switchLevel capability in the Edge version of the window shades driver.

And Now, ST forces to use the Edge driver as default.
Lots of smartapps that refer to switchLevel will fail to work.

For example,
SmartThings integration in HomeAssistant, which is made by @andrewsayre is not ready for windowShadeLevel capabilitiy.
HomeBridge SmartThings plugin, although it is not maintained at all, is not ready either.

These kinds of compatibility issue would affect a lot of users in their real life, when moving to Edge driver.

There must be a lot of problem, which could be avoided, will occur while transitioning to Edge driver, and these kind of things will annoy a lot of real ST users out there.

If SmartThings should shutdown groovy things and move to the new platform, ST should think about minimizing problem, by keeping backward compatibility.

but it’s one line change to another capability, should not be a huge task to do

Actually, I added only 3 additional lines to the source code of HomeBridge SmartThings groovy smartapp to support shade devices with either swithLevel or windowShadeLevel capability.

Yes, this is not a huge task for programmers, but it could be a huge obstacle for people who can’t change the source codes by themselves.

Also, in the case of homeassistant, if codeowner don’t make the change, I need to change everytime when I upgrade the homeassistant. This could be a big deal.

There must be reason that window shade DTHs have both switchLevel and windowShadeLevel -That is the backward compatibility.
ST team could have included both capabilities, like they did in DTHs.

A little bit of consideration will make the transition to Edge driver much smoother.

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