Over riding Motion Sensors?

Ok i am trying get my head around all of this motion stuff. Currently i only have 1 Lifx globe to manipulate (due to failures of other globes). I want to make use of multiple sensors and have done this.
In the office the sensor detect motion and turns the globe on, if someone walk thru the kitchen the globe changes blue for 2 minutes.
How do i over ride the action of the kitchen sensor. Usually in automation we’d be able to rite macros that say if the globe is already on then kitchen sensor cannot effect the operation of globe. Or allow kitchen to change colour of globe but return it to its active state.

Is this a function that be factored into the ST system or it it too basic to manipulate in the fashion.

Use Zone Motion Manager and/or CoRE.

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CORE, definitely. :sunglasses:

CORE is a very powerful, very sophisticated rules engine developed by the community. It allows for stacked conditionals of many kinds.

A “piston” is an individual rule in CORE.

Present your use case in the following thread, and people will be glad to help you implement it in core. Glance through this thread and you’ll get an idea of how powerful it can be.

And here is where you get the code for core: