Outlet Iris Centralite excessive reporting

I have an Iris (Centralite) outlet that has started excessive reporting; such as every few seconds. I have many of these all running the Blebson Iris Smart Plug DTH; all the others are behaving as normal with reporting at 10 minute interval.
When the device is OFF the reporting is every 10 min (600s) but when ON its repetitive successive.
Unfortunately this outlet is on a refrigerator and has been (past few days) missing the ON automation command. I believe its because of the traffic being generated and thus missing the ON (very bad for a frig eh?)
I’ve rebooted, republished the DTH, done both again. I wanted to post this if anyone has seen such a behavior before I do other means such as remove and repair/ re join the outlet.
Here’s an example log. I can’t really even guess what “word” or search criteria to use although I tried several guesses to see if anyone else had a zwave with an excessive get-attention disorder.

This is the bit of code i use to reduce the reporting on this hardware. Once the device is config’ed it will stick until over written by a DTH or the device is reset. Me personally i use a custom DTH to set the device and switch to the “SmartPower Outlet” for normal execution. The code below is uncommented for 30w updates and max time between updates is 5min.

In attempting to create this reset DTH, once I paste in and “create” I get this error in the top reporting window:

Org.codehaus.groovy.control.MultipleCompilationErrorsException: startup failed: script_dth_metadata_d2031379_e681_4da7_b2da_1681c40a3f78: 12: expecting ‘}’, found ‘w’ @ line 12, column 112. , 0x29, 2, 14400, 0x012C) / 30w / ^ 1 error

This outlet is weird as it does fine for hours or a day then back to continuous reporing. I appreciate the help in the reset.

That is not a full dth, you’ll want to add it to one or the bits that adjust the reporting to what you need.

Thanks for trying Sidjohn1, I’m not having success at adding/inserting the extract. I used my existing DTH (Centralite Iris Smart Outlet DTH) and tried several instances and locations for an insert or replace. Found the def configure statement in the original and replaced it with the snippet; still got compile errors on all attempts. I probably need to find a simple DTH to append/insert this section. I have deep enough coding experience years’ past but no exposure to writing DTH or ST formats. Meanwhile the periodic but often enormous reporting must be loading Samsung’s server like cat videos.

You mention zwave but I think the iris outlets are zigbee.

It is my understanding that the reporting frequency is set during initial pair so…

You could remove it, remove the custom dth, let it pair with the standard dth and see if it works any better.

If you use the built-in dth you will get local processing and get better performance, the data stays local.

If you use a custom dth then processing switches to the cloud and then will have some network latency.

The reporting frequency is probably not your problem. The actual amount of data payload as compared to total available bandwidth is not much.

Also, using the default dth would use the default settings smartthings had set that they tested that works.

The switch will report more often when on and powering something because it sends updates as power consumption changes.

The reporting interval is set during the initial pairing of the device

I have several of these and they work fine.