Outdoor Water/Flood Sensor

I have an area on my property that starts to backup with water during a hard rain. It has gotten very close to my house a few times but luckily never flooded the house.

Does anyone know of a device that could be placed outside (preferably battery operated but I could manage to get power to it if needed) that would measure the water level of an area and trigger an alert/action if it got to a certain point?

I’ve done a decent search and all the water sensors seem to be to detect indoor water leaks and not something like what I’m looking for. SmartThings integration would be preferred as well but I’d take anything at this point. Just want to be alerted when water is getting close to my house in case I’m not home.

A sump pump alarm might do the trick. Search for those and see if it would fit your needs.

You could purchase a Dome Water sensor and mount the remote detector at a point where it would signal an alert. The puck like main component must be either be post purchase waterproofed and/or ideally placed in a dry location since it is not rated as outdoor water proof. I located the Dome’s round main puck underneath my home’s gutter overhang and extended the remote sensor wire with an audio extension extended.

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Check this thread out

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Hi @ciphershort,

You should listen to @kurtsanders. He is correct. Dome Water detector is a great product. You can find a great YouTube review by TaylorTech Youtuber.

Or you can go my way:

I published my Rain detector idea above. It is a dry contact sensor which has two wire ports which you can connect 2 wires and drop them into the drain. Or in my case the Drain pipe on the side of my house which tells me that it is raining outside via the Push Notification.

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Not entirely waterproof, but the Everspring ST812 Flood detector is rated at IP44 liquid ingress protection (water splashing). As with the Dome sensor, you would want to ensure the main unit is somewhat protected from the elements. It’s a solid sensor and with a 10 ft cord, uses 3 standard AA batteries which can last quite a long time.

Only issue with the Everspring is it is not Zwave Plus and it doesn’t have as strong of a signal. I had the Lowes Utilitech version in my crawl space and couldn’t keep it connected. I replaced it with the Dome, which is Zwave Plus and it has been rock solid.