Outdoor plug that can take the heat?

I live in Phoenix, and I’m looking for some way to control a big zapper to only turn on at night. Are there any outdoor plugs that can take up to 125f degrees and work with smart things (preferably local control)? I found the ge jasco Honeywell z-wave ones but they list up to 104f. I guess there was an older version that had a wider range that is no longer available. Something that would go into the other box would also work (if it will work with GFCI) , but I keep running into the same Max temperature.

The IDevices outdoor pocket socket has a top range of 122°F. Integration with SmartThings would be through IFTTT.


Another alternative would be to find a place upstream of the socket where you could put a micro so that it was sheltered either inside the wall or even on the interior side.

So I guess almost any wifi one that has the temperature range would work then? Any z-wave or zigbee for local control?

I can put the micro switch in the junction box, but I’m guessing the temperature isn’t too much different in there, so I think I’d still need one with the same temperature range.

Any Wi-Fi that works with echo could work. Or with IFTTT. A lot of Wi-Fi devices don’t have any way of communicating with SmartThings. So just depends on what you need.

There are some heavy duty switches that could handle that temperature range for zwave or zigbee but they’re going to cost a lot more money, probably $150 or more. People use those for pool pumps and things like that.

I found an inovelli nzw96 that lists the max temperature as 50C (or 122F), but I can’t find it in stock anywhere.

Inovelli has a whole new line coming out in a new factory and they let the old models run out of stock and then ran into a couple of delays on the new production line. So right now they don’t have much available.


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You could plug a regular smart switch up inside and build you an appropriately rated extension cable to go to the outside…or find the junction box that provides power to the outside box and put a micro there…

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Hey @1SmarterThing – we do have some refurbished in stock on the site: https://inovelli.com/shop/certified-refurbished/refurbished-outdoor-z-wave-plug-in-module-1-channel/

I realize it’s kind of a pain to find, so I apologize for that – we’re revamping our site completely right now (should be done June/July) to make things easier.

Thanks as always @JDRoberts !!



Thanks Eric and JD.

Eric, will your 2 switch over, nzw97 I think) also be rated to 50C ambient? I may just wait for that one. It seems like it would be perfect for Phoenix.

Hey @1SmarterThing - great question! We have to completely redesign it as the old manufacturer owns the molds (yeah…). But the good news is we’re open to input :sweat_smile:

Any features you’d like to see outside of the temp range?

Here’s all I can think of (close to in order):

  1. Outdoor Rated. 50C max temp is cutting it close in PHX, so 55C or 60C is probably best. (I don’t know how many other people care about that, though.)
  2. Local Control from smartthings.
  3. Cheap as can be, but where you still make money.
  4. Independent control of 2 outlets.
  5. Plug that fits in an outdoor receptacle box, but doesn’t block the second outlet. The GE one and your pictured nzw97 have a plug that goes straight down, so you can’t put it on your bottom outlet, but if you put it on your top outlet, it blocks the bottom. There is another with a 45 degree angle coming down, but I bet it won’t fit in all boxes. I suspect the best (and probably cheapest) would be a normal extension cord plug like the one shown on the amazon link.
  6. A button on it (in case your network is down). (Probably you already had that in mind.)
  7. Power monitoring (but honestly I wouldn’t pay extra for it if given the choice in this application).

That’s all I can think of, but I suspect you already had all of this in mind. I look forward to it.

I have to say. That is pretty impressive that you can go do a whole new design in a few months.

I ordered a refurb one. Thanks for pointing out that you have some still. I look forward to your two switch one.


I ordered one of you refurbished outdoor switches a week ago, and it still shows as processing. I sent an email on your support page and I don’t think the order number was looked up. I don’t think they know you have refurbished one still in stock. Any way you can check on it or cancel the order if you don’t actually have any?

Hey @1SmarterThing - we definitely have some and I’ll check with the guys to see what’s going on first thing in the morning. Very sorry for the inconvenience and I’ll have them throw in an extra for the troubles!

Again very sorry, not sure what happened.



Awesome. Thank you.