Outdoor Light Sensor hardwired without batteries

does anyone have any recommendations of an outdoor light sensor that is hardwired without batteries? I’d like to automate my outdoor lights based on light level. Sunrise and sunset don’t work well for me as in the winter it gets darker outside faster and don’t want to keep adjusting things. also need it hardwired as batteries will freeze in the climate I’m in.

The Aeotec multisensor six or seven can run off a USB cable. Waterproofing isn’t great, it’s only IP 20, so you would probably want to put it inside a clear plastic box, maybe an outlet cover protector.


Plus something like this. This is just a typical design.


There are also ways to do it with a sonoff basic by attaching a light sensor to that, but I’m hesitant to recommend starting down that path until the transition to edge is complete.

And as I find myself saying a lot recently, personally, I am putting off most device purchases until we know more about how matter is going to work. If everything happens as it should, there should be a lot of new devices available that will work with smartthings locally without requiring any custom code. But they’re not here yet, so it depends on whether you feel like waiting.

thanks for the recommendation. if I were to try the Aeotec sensor, do you know how frequently it updates? I did try a zooz 4 in 1 sensor to test on batteries (was going to hardwire if it worked) but I found it didn’t update often enough. I have the same issue using the zooz sensor in the bathroom to monitor humidity and it also doesn’t update often enough either. I’m assuming this is normal for anything battery operated to conserve battery life.

Look at the link below, I would assume that the Aoetech Multi Sensor is able to be adjusted for frequent readings as I did it with a Tri sensor

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Zooz Q sensor

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The Hue outdoor motion sensor updates temp and lux every 5 minutes. It is battery though.

I would also throw in the Homeseer FLS 100. While there aren’t edge drivers yet, they work reliably. I’ve had mine for 3 years and no issues. The link had the gen 2 that come with a temp sensor. Just replace the motion sensor on your flood lights and it’s one less additional thing hanging around.

I’m interested in trying out the fls100. How does the lux level work when the motion light turns on? If I have the lux set at a specific level on routine could it trigger every time the motion light turns on?

I don’t have a FLS 100, but It should if lux is above x, or below x, or between x and y, as a precondition, then motion will trigger the event. You will be using above,below, and range/between for your lux settings as an exact number/reading will typically result in very limited automations.

Pretty much what Nick said above. The device has a switch, motion sensor, lux sensor, and temp sensor. Any of the sensors an trigger the switch or any other device connected to Smartthings via routines.

I use the lux to determine when interior lights should come on. I use the motion sensors to turn on all exterior lights. There are quite a few possibilities.

Are you using an edge driver for this model?

Not yet. The support person at Homeseer told me they were working on a driver. I posted about it in another thread as well.

I suspect it will be done soon but I guess there are no guarantees. I’d still recommend it as the device is solid, even if I have to buy another hub to run it.

Generally, I prefer Zooz devices but I prioritize not having extra cords or devices when possible and this sensor fits the bill perfectly.

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