Outdoor Dumb PIR linked to smartthings?

Yeah, no joy.

Well, I kept trying the old “switch off, add thing, switch on, rapid click” method (exactly as I’ve been doing all night, and this time it worked. All good.

Something to note though is that the end of the antenna looked quite ‘thick’. During my last attempt (the successful one) with all the moving around from socket to socket, I noticed the end looked like it had actually fallen off. And now it works.

Please - someone tell me I haven’t been completely retarded, and this was some kind of protective cover preventing the device from actually communicating, because if that’s the case, I’m going to go and drown myself in the toilet.

ta !

So, all sorted =)

Bought one of these (https://www.toolstation.com/1800-pir-sensor/p11555) today from toolstation (£8) and linked the switched live to the S1 connector. Add in a big talker event for when s1 button is on, and … .job done.

Thanks for the help all.

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Awesome, glad you made it work!

As for your previous comment about something on the end of the antenna - I don’t think so. From what I’ve seen it’s usually just a little bit of plastic to stop any exposed wire at the end of the antenna coming into contact with anything. Probably just a coincidence.

Hi- is there a specific relay to use? Wondering what the cheapest (whilst reliable) relay IS?

What wiring setup would I do?


You need a relay that has some form of input like the Fibaro one does. I’m sure others exist, but I’d probably just recommend Fibaro as I know it works.

All the wiring is explained in the post above.

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