Outdoor color LED Flood Lights

Looking to see if anyone has had any experience with outdoor color LED lights that can be controlled via smartthings for both power and color. I’m currently using the GE outdoor light plug and control outlet with my existing one color flood lamps but would like to change those out to LED w/ the option of different colors if possible.

I’ve seen outdoor led lights that has their own remotes to change the color but it would be great if I can do this from smartthings instead.


Are you specifically looking for flood lights?

I’m looking for this too, so they can flash red when someone breaks in.

You’re responding to a thread which is three years old, so I’m not sure if many of the original posters will respond.

There are now several bulbs which can be used outdoors. We do first need to know what country you are in, as the device selection does vary somewhat.

Second, we need to know what size bulb you are looking for, in particular whether it’s a standard table lamp size like an A19 or whether it’s a floodlight like a BR 30. Or are you OK with LED strips?

Finally, if not LED strips, what kind of mounting will they have? In particular, will they be in a fixture and if they will be in a fixture is it semi-enclosed or fully enclosed?

And what’s the typical weather like in terms of temperature range from winter to summer?

Also, just be aware that most security lighting is set to be a brighter white when there is a problem. This makes it easier to evacuate if necessary, makes it safer and easier for first responders, and also tends to frighten off burglars.

Red light is actually fairly dark, and in particular may make it difficult for video cameras to capture the scene. It can also negatively impact both people trying to come out of the house and first responders trying to come in.

I bring all this up because if you want it to look like a security system warning light, an LED strip might be the most effective while still not interfering with your regular outside lights. So that’s just something to consider.

Here are some.

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There are some interesting outdoor options coming to the Hue ecosystem.

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LIFX, Phillips Hue, Osram/Sylvania, and some others all have outdoor options now.

But which options are available for any particular house depending on the answers to the questions already asked: which country? What type of bulb is desired? What type of enclosure will be used with that bulb? What’s the weather like? The answers change the specific devices that might be used. :sunglasses:

The following isn’t a bulb, but it is a floodlight and has RGBW RGBW capabilities. :sunglasses: