Outcome of combining dimmer and outlet

Im brainstorming and before I start experimenting I want some feedback, If I automate a dimmer switch to go from 0%-100%-0% and repeat and that dimmer switch controls a smart outlet and I set the smart outlet to switch on and off between 1-3 seconds, would that be doable? I assume I would need to use webcore.

My ge dimmer is rated at 15 amps

I’m sorry, I’m not following what you are trying to accomplish. What’s the use case?

But in any case, you can’t use a dimmer switch to control a regular on/off outlet, one or the other will burn out because the physics are different.

You can have a plug-in pocket socket dimmer mirror a dimmer wall switch if that helps any.

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@Stanford1621, Are you planning to switch on/off a wall socket every 1-3 seconds???

That is a definitely a fire hazard if you do so. Those relays were never designed to operate like a strobe.

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There are a few switches and outlets which have a built in “panic” mode which is intended to strobe the light connected to them, usually as part of a security system. If you get one of those models you activate the panic mode in order to get the strobe effect. But that’s why I’m still confused about what the original use case was. I don’t know if a panic mode device would be appropriate or not.

The popular Cooper aspire zwave switches, for example, have some models with panic mode:

But again, you wouldn’t use that to control an outlet. Just a light being directly controlled by that switch.

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