Osram / Sylvania Lightify Strip - Smart Lighting Mirror Switch Behavior

I have a couple of the LED strips paired to Smartthings and each one works well. I want to get it setup so that when I turn one on the other also comes on automagically. This morning I tried using the mirror option in Smart Lighting. The behavior I got was not expected. If both were off when I turned on the one specified in Smart Lighting, the other selected as mirror would turn on. When I turned off the one specified in Smart Lighting the one selected as mirror would turn off and then immediately back on.

Can anyone recommend a way to make it so that when I turn one on the other also comes on and works the same for turning off without using mirror ? I would also ideally like to mirror the color and dimming levels. I think I can only get this full functionality using Webcore but looking for native suggestions first.

Thanks !

Take a look at Trend Setter. This will not only work for on/off but mirror color, hue, dim level…basically everything in one device mirrored to the others. Really useful if you have multiple bulbs in the same room that you want to control together.

Sound alike something else may be turning it back on. Check the recently tab for the device in the app and the events history in the ide.

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My lightify bulbs did the same thing.

I solved it by setting up separate automations for on and off and deselecting the “turn on as well” field.

-create new automation
-select bulb to control
-select “turn off” for what you want to do
-set “select trigger” to “switch”
-select the other bulb as the “switch”
-select “turned off” for “turned off when” field
-deselect “turn on as well” (which defaults to ON)
-make another automation for turning them on

It possible the “mirror behavior” automation also has a “turn on as well” action under the hood, and that’s what is causing the bulb to turn back on right after it is turned off.

I’ve had similar behavior, but only with my Phillips Hue lights.

What I found is that after the “lead” light goes off, something (probably the Hue hub) occasionally sends set level commands, random weird values, but in such a way that the light does not come back on. However, the mirror automation is picking up those set levels and is applying them to my “follower” light. The mirror of these set level commands result in the follower only coming back on. Frustrating when you walk into the kitchen, go back to the great room, see the lights go out, and then only one come back on, often at a dim level.

I also have seen the same issue that if the light comes on with a certain mode and/or lux restriction, changes that cause those restrictions to become false, simply cancel the automation without finishing the turn off piece of it. I’ve had to code around that in webCore, losing my local processing.