Osram/Sylvania Lightify (it works)

They are just LED Christmas lights. I wish you could do that with the Osram lights.


Guys, on advise from another member of the forum, could you please let me know of the below osram lightifys would work with ST?

Osram Lightify Downlight


I have found that with the Osram lights the constant power on/off switching can cause them to lose their pair with the smart things hub. I caught a bunch on sale so I have quite a few but since my house had old wiring I feel like the Phillips hues might be a better option for me. The dimmer light wall switch/remote is a great option to have with the hue bulbs.

I have these working really well - the bulbs, the light-strips and the garden lights all work well and pair easily - without the need for a separate hub. What you miss are the scenes and other programs that work with the hue bulbs. I couldn’t ever get the Osram hub to work with my system, so was delighted when the dedicated device types appeared on Smartthings.

The only thing that drives me crazy is that, after a power outage, the default color for the garden spots is a bright electric blue when they reconnect - haven’t found a way to fix that … yet.

GE Link Bulb runs locally on the non-tunable Lightifys. I still haven’t found a local tunable white bulb type.

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Thank you Linvale :slight_smile:
I guess however that power outages (unless you live in a 3rd world country!) are not that common - so you can live with this!

Are there any smartapps that will put this into a ‘party mode’? What I am essentially looking for is the ability to just have random colors at random times. It would be neat to have it to music, but I don’t think we can do this without their bridge. I would settle with something that changed to a random color every X seconds. Anything like this? I didn’t have much luck searching around.

You can use Rule machine and a virtual switch to do this. Works well I have it set to change every minute as it was the shortest time. Used it for my 10yo daughters sleepover and the girls loved it.

Is there a post on this? I assume you just fire the virtual switch and then it kicks off a rule that runs a time based event. I will play around with RM, just wasn’t sure how you get the random color.

yup. Link


Thanks a lot!

Trying to setup a lightify bulb in my hall way to be used as night light for my 3yr old when they wake up in middle of night to use restroom. I am just using the smartthings light app. I’ve got the motion setup and runs correct but lowest I can dim is 10% and that still too bright is there any app I can use to lower?

I can tell you that the yard lights kick but in hail storms. The city I live in had a major hail storm come through and beat the crud out of some of my lights that I have outside. I checked these tonight and nothing happened to them not even a scratch!!

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They should since they are a zigbee and with the other recessed lights able to connect. I don’t see why these would not…

Looking for some lamp control in ST in UK, have EasyBulb but only works with a hack and someone’s own server. Wife doesn’t “understand” all this so these have to be simple and able to be controlled from a normal wall switch.

So come across these Lightify. My lamps are 90% GU10, so I have a few questions please…

In summary they plug in, get detected by ST app (in UK) as a new “thing”, and can be controlled natively by ST without any extra hub? Do they tell ST what state they are in? Can they be controlled fine also by the normal wall switch? Do they do white and RGW?

  1. Once ST detects them, do you then choose a device handler in the IDE? Can someone screenshot exactly please.

  2. If I have the wall switch on, but ST has turned off the lights, if wife comes in and wants them on manually, does she switch the wall switch off and then back on?

  3. I’m worried that if doing this ST then switches them back off because of a routine or rule or something, e.g. if ST only allows those lights on between 7pm and 6am, and it’s dark at 5pm so they wouldn’t come on?

  4. I’ve read that if you don’t get the Lightify gateway then you can’t firmware upgrade them. Can you tell what version they are on in ST, and what is the latest for GU10 please.

  5. ideally I’d rather not have another hub, so ideally wouldn’t get the Lightify one. But it looks like this connects wirelessly to the ST hub, so could I plug it in anywhere around the house rather than next to the already cluttered router?


Yes, no hub needed. Yes, they report state. Can be controlled by a normal switch, as you asked next your wife would just shut it off and then on. There is a RGBW version as well as a 2700K version and a tunable white (2700K to 6500K) bulb.

  1. ) You shouldn’t need to select a device type, it by default chooses a Zigbee Dimmable Bulb for the Lightify. For the Tunable it does a Zigbee Color Temperature Bulb.

  2. ) Yes.

  3. ) You would just need to physically turn the switch off them back on.

  4. ) No idea on the firmware for the UK, as I’m in the US. I do have a Lightify hub but it’s unplugged. If there is a firmware update you would need to unpair hem (or hard reset them, which is on/off five times) and then pair them with the Lightify hub for the update, then unpair from the Lightify hub and pair back to Smartthings.

Not Asked ) By default I have not had mine do local control, I had to change the device type to the GE Link Bulb for the non-tunable white variants. I haven’t found a local control Tunable White bulb in Smartthings.

Here is a screenshot, all of those bulbs are Lightifys. I changed them to GE Link Bulb to get local control, but cannot do that on the tunable bulbs.

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Anyone’s app change recently for these? I was able to pick my white color but the slider is now 0-100. And no, I know there are two sliders and both do this.

Thanks @jbv. So you’re not sure which to choose for a tunable white (this just means it’s dimmable btw?) This is what I have. I can’t find the. RGW GU10 in the UK.

I was wondering if ST showed the firmware maybe without having to get a Lightify gateway to at least see the version.

You say you have a Lightify gateway, so why do you not use this with ST, is it better this way and then just use the gateway for firmware?

What do you mean by local control sorry?

Same here. I thought it was just me or did something wrong. I know have one daylight and one soft light color bulb in my living room.

This refers to temperature.