Osram/Sylvania Lightify (it works)

Damn, wish I had another option. I feel like I’m living in a jewellery display case

did the firmware they just pushed out 2 days ago?? make things wonky? I was actually going to update the firmware tomorrow but if it has made things wonky ill just wait the bulbs work with the firmware they currently have and osram seems to refuse to cough up release notes on the firmware updates ( i have contacted them many times over release notes)

My situation caused the lights to have a blue tint to them making my house feel very industrial, I hate it. I’m not sure if the firmware is to blame or the temp slider on ST app. Or both, but it is making me really annoyed

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I think (and I do mean think) that you can now configure a bulb’s behavior on power-up when it’s connected to the Lightify hub. I believe that it gets saved in the firmware somewhere. This seems to be a new feature.

Why do I think this? The other day I was updating the firmware of one of my recessed units. I saw (and ignored) something about setting the power-up behavior and saving it in the Lightify App. Because I ignored that, I’m getting the same effect; it comes on at 100% brightness and max temperature when you power it up. Not very appealing.

I’m hoping to confirm this weekend and will report back.

Please let us know. I updated and don’t recall seeing this… Now I’m also in that boat

For color cycling when.linked to Smartthings hub see my new App.

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This morning I got busy and moved my 16 Cree and GE Link bulbs over to the Philips hub. Other than a little difficulty getting a couple of them to pair, no problems. Now I just need to re-configure the Hue integration and re-do a bunch of RM rules. Hopefully I’ll see an improvement in the reliability of those bulbs.

I have to report, though, that the OSRAMs (A19, BR30, 5/6" recessed tunable white (RT56 TW 65 01), and the 5/6" recessed RGBW (RT56 RGBW 65 01)) do not pair with the Hue v1. This is true with both the old versions of the F/W that they had, and the new ones that they now have after I updated them.

Also, there is definitely a way to set the power-on color and level in the Lightify App. Unfortunately, when you reset the bulb in order to get it to re-paired with the ST hub, those settings are lost. With the new F/W the RT56 TWs come on full at the highest temperature color when powered-on. Very bright and blue and obnoxious, IMHO. Kinda disappointing. The BR30s, A19s, and RT56 RGBWs come on full bright, but at the other extreme of color.

I spent a bunch of time today updating OSRAM F/W (30+ bulbs x 10 min/bulb!), in the hope that these bulbs will behave better with the newer code. For the record, here’s what I saw with respect to OSRAM bulb firmware versions (as of 4/30/16):

Bulb ------ Old F/W -- New F/W .... ------ ........ - ........ A19 ------- 01020205 - 01020451 BR30 ------ 01020314 - 01020414 RT56 TW --- 01020157 - 01020481 RT56 RGBW - 01020318 - 01020436

I did not try to pair the Commercial Electric recessed units with the Hue hub.

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I live in Texas - after a storm here its pretty much for sure we will have a power outage - and that’s about once a month or more! just wish they defaulted to white …

So that tells us why, but as of now we still don’t know how to fix?

For expanding the garden spots. I have found it us cheaper to buy a whole 9 bulb kit and not use the power supply and controller than it is to buy 3 3 bulb expansion kits.


Well, to be certain, they are white (6500K) at power-up. Very white! Wife much prefers the softer whites, so hopefully she can remember to keep her hands off the switches and the power stays on. I’m on the list for a Powerwall, but who knows when they’ll start shipping those here in the US.

If by that you mean, “how to get the OSRAM bulbs to pair with the Hue hub/bridge”, you’re right. At this point it appears impossible. Perhaps a future F/W update to the bulbs or the bridge will make it function (again).

Is this after the new osram lightify update? I never managed to get their hub working and connected direct to smartthings - but I believe I need a lightify hub to upgrade - is that true?

My fiancee would be delighted if we didn’t have horrendous violet lights illuminate our house every night after an electrical storm - and we have lots of these in Texas!

No I was actually referring to the fixing the issues with the high temperature color and getting my soft white that I miss so much

I just updated f/w and added an rgbw osram bulb to ST, when i kill power at the switch level thw bulb turns back on to a pretty soft white i put a 2700k led next to it and it appears the same temperature.

When I updated the f/w then added it back to ST I get the high temp color

Yes, and yes. The default behavior of the RT56 TW recessed units appears to be to power-up at 100% brightness with the color temperature at 6500K. The others (for me, anyway) come on at 100% and 2700K. And, you can only update the F/W on the Lightify bulbs through the Lightify App, which you can only use to talk to those bulbs when they’re paired with the Lightify gateway.

That’s what I saw with the bulbs, as well. Different for the RT56 TW, though.

Does anyone know if the default color of the Gardenspots has changed as well? If it has, I’ll take another dive into world of lightify hub connection problems. Otherwise the bulbs and lightstrips I have work fine.

Thanks for the help.

using the latest firmware you can specify the default behavior, those same updates will fix your connection issues too.