Osram/Sylvania Lightify (it works)

OK, help me figure this basic math out. 9 garden spots w/ power supply are $63 on Amazon. 3 garden spots (add-on) are $29 on amazon (or $87 for 9). Any advantage to using the add-ons vs simply purchasing 9 more garden spots w/ power supply (beyond potentially running an extension cord)?

Also, does the Color Coordinator smart app work with garden spots?

my thought would be can I just plug the two sets of 9 into one power supply ?

Anyone seeing them randomly come on?

I have 27 various bulbs from lightify (US Bulbs) and several will turn off and on. No rules or apps tied to them. They are all firmware updated and if they are on the lightify hub they do not do this.

I have tried default device type and custom device type. Right now I only have 1 on smartthings and it turned on several times last night.

Zigbee network seems stable. They always turn on and off properly. Have 5 of the power outlets spread around the house.

And no other devices are having issues.

Hope someone has an idea.


Usually you only see this with bulbs that haven’t had their firmware updated. Have you tried checking the logs to see if ST is sending a command to the bulbs?

Another possibility is an issue on the electrical circuit that is causing mini-surges or something.

First thanks for the help

The lightify app isn’t showing any firmware updates. I updated them all a week ago.

I moved the bulb to another part of the house. It happened twice again. Deleted the bulb and set it on a shelf. Plugged a new one in and same thing randomly turned on in a few hours.

So now I am doing 2 things. There are 27 bulbs on the lightify hub right now. So I am adding the old bulb into the lightify hub. To see if it does it on that network.

I had them all on Smart Things But I couldn’t have lights popping off and on at night.

I am also running IDE live log and hoping I can catch whatever is going on the smartthings hub.

From the list events of the device I just get a Switch On event.

Anyone seen the lightify dimmer switches? They seem to be new.

They look like they’re Zigbee devices made by centralite. There’s a community device type but it’s not fully functional yet apparently.

I’m useless when it comes to writing code, but keeping my fingers crossed others that are better at it than me can work it out. I haven’t found any other device that fits over a (dumb) light switch like this one does.

I have 7 of them. Work great on the lightify hub. As stated not quite baked for smartthings. So nice as they cover the existing switches to keep people from turning lights off manually. Especially for those of us without neutral wires.

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Doesn’t seem to be sending it a command, at 6:22:13 it appears to just turn on…

Trying to figure out my next step…

8d04687b-b7d6-4f48-b3f2-1eef5ed26548 6:22:14 PM: info [name:level, value:100, type:level]
8d04687b-b7d6-4f48-b3f2-1eef5ed26548 6:22:14 PM: debug description is read attr - raw: 755103000808000020FF, dni: 7551, endpoint: 03, cluster: 0008, size: 08, attrId: 0000, encoding: 20, value: ff
ceff7642-f401-4c18-8c22-bfe0aed80a1b 6:22:14 PM: trace cp desc: desc: 03 0104 0101 00 08 0000 0003 0004 0005 0006 0008 0B04 FC0F 01 0019
ceff7642-f401-4c18-8c22-bfe0aed80a1b 6:22:14 PM: trace cp desc: ep_cnt:1, ep:03
ceff7642-f401-4c18-8c22-bfe0aed80a1b 6:22:13 PM: trace cp desc: join
8d04687b-b7d6-4f48-b3f2-1eef5ed26548 6:22:13 PM: info [type:switch, name:switch, value:on]
8d04687b-b7d6-4f48-b3f2-1eef5ed26548 6:22:13 PM: debug description is on/off: 1
ceff7642-f401-4c18-8c22-bfe0aed80a1b 6:22:06 PM: trace cp desc: desc: 01 0104 0002 00 06 0000 0001 0003 0020 0006 0201 02 000A 0019
ceff7642-f401-4c18-8c22-bfe0aed80a1b 6:22:06 PM: trace cp desc: ep_cnt:1, ep:01
ceff7642-f401-4c18-8c22-bfe0aed80a1b 6:22:04 PM: trace cp desc: join

Exactly. I’ve got four GE link bulbs in an overhead fixture and this would go a long way towards upping the WAF.

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Interesting find last night. I’m still trying to 100% verify.

But it appears only the fixed dimmable but non tunable lightify bulb is randomly turning on.

So on the lightify hub everything works fine and nothing turns on randomly. with both kinds of bulbs.

On the Smartthings hub 2 of the dimmable (not tunable) bulbs randomly turn on in multiple light sockets. Usually once an hour. Sometimes they go for 8 hours. Very intermittent. Nothing in the IDE logs other than they switch on.

and 2 of the Tunable bulbs have never turned on by themselves.

Have flipped them between sockets. Deleted them, reset the bulbs. re-added with different names. Always the same results.

Can anyone else confirm they have a Tunable lightify bulb that randomly turns on. Or is it just the dimmable ones?

I’ll update once I test some more after work tonight.

They are all current with firmware, from the lightify hub.

Watched it off and on all day. The cheaper non tunable bulb keeps turning on the smartthings hub. The lightify hub keeps working fine.

I have just added 7 more of the more expensive tunable bulbs back in to the smartthings hub. I’ll see if any of them randomly turn on.

Will update in the morning.

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Sounds like the non-tunable bulbs didn’t get the same firmware fix.

Maybe try turning off the insecure re-join feature of your hub and see if it still happens.


So just starting out with smartthings. Bought bunch of tune able bulbs and non tune able at lowes. Few questions:

1- with smart bulbs, I assume you always need to leave light switch in on position and let smartthings app control it correct?
2- from my testing seems if the light switch is hit it will reset the tune able lights settings ex dim and color range?
3- if true is it mainly just getting use to using app and just try not to use the switch? Any type of cover or lock people use to block themselves or train from switches.
4- Are zwave switches better then bulbs in the long run? Do they allow the app and switches to work simultaneous?

Giving it a try. Hub rebooting now. What’s the worst that can happen…

So reading this, that is turned off by default correct?

Thanks for the idea. I’ll update status tomorrow.

You need to always have power to the smart bulbs. But there are various switch alternatives. People handle this issue in many different ways. For example, at my own house, voice is the primary way for controlling lights via the Amazon echo and then we use the Phillips hue dimmer switches as a parallel means of control. Different things work for different households. The following thread discusses many different options:

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People tend to have very strong opinions on the bulbs versus switches discussion, but the truth is there is no one right answer. Different things work for different households. Some people use only smart switches, some use only smart bulbs, some use a combination. The following thread is a good place to start to see the various arguments and opinions:

I think the insecure rejoin is enabled by default. The option to disable it is fairly new in response to the potential security hole.

I think the worst is that if the lights coming on is the result of them reconnecting in this manner, then they’ll simply drop-off the ST network and you’ll have to reset them and re-connect.


My quick feedback. In the same situation is you.

1/3. Yes power has to stay on for the bulbs. They make child covers for switches that would work. You can still flip them with a pen from the side but not too easily

  1. Yes that is correct. There is a custom device type that should be able to fix that though. On my to do list.

  2. Zwave switches are the most cost effective in my eyes as you can use regular bulbs. And the bulb status is updated if someone flips the switch. However in some cases smart bulbs have advantages as you can have bulbs turn off and on individually. So if you have 4 bulbs in a fan. With smart bulbs you can only turn on 1 or 2 or 4. Or if you have colored bulbs you could change each to a different color. More flexibility.
    Lightify makes a great switch that covers your normal switch. Works great with their lightify hub. Some great people on this forum are trying to get it to work. Unfortunately they have hit a stumbling block. But they are still working on it.

My house does not have neutral wires. So… Zwave switches will not work. That’s the path I was going to go. But since rewiring would have been cost prohibitive. I am going the smart bulb route.

Also make sure to update the firmware on your bulbs as well. If you read up a few posts you can see the issue I am working on with the non tunable bulbs.

My opinions. Noticed some other people have replied as I typed this. Equally valid.

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Let you know what happens. Guess next thing is a email to Osram support. Depending on what happens.

Security is a good thing…

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Is there any way to know when a firmware update is released with these bulbs?