Osram/Sylvania Lightify (it works)

Hi Tyler,
I bought 2 of these EU ones, is where any timeframe then the certification is done? Is it possible to beta-test the plugin?

// Peter

Just some neat observations for posterity. I found a shortcut for anyone trying to update the firmware on their bulbs using the Osram Gateway.

  1. I wanted to upgrade the firmware on my bulbs so that a physical off preserves the state when they turn back on. This is a great feature and I am surprised the bulbs didn’t ship with this to begin with. In any case, I had to sync each bulb via the Osram Gateway to do this.
  2. The Gateway itself is a pain to setup, but I did not have to remove the bulbs from the SmartThings Hub to do this. They were disconnected from the Hub, but I didn’t have to muck around with the Smartapps and all – they just became unresponsive.
  3. I have all of my LIGHTIFY switches on z-wave toggles, because people in my house like to use the paddles as much as the automation. There is a further benefit in that I can use the switch to factory reset the switch with a quick script I wrote:
  4. Once the switches were factory reset, the Osram Gateway paired them, and then I did the firmware updates.
  5. Using the reset script, I unpaired the switches and included them back into the SmartThings Hub. The lights blinked and the inclusion process said “Identifying” but never asked to configure. This is because I already had the bulbs included from before and did not need to redo all the configuration. The bulbs just worked from then on.

Good luck!


Thanks for the tip! Did you have any luck with them preserving their state after a physical off once back on ST? My understanding is that the firmware update allows you to set a new “default” via the Lightify App, and will come back on to that particular “default”, not that it will come on to the last known state.

@johnconstantelo updated his bulbs to try and get this feature, but found that resetting/pairing with ST overwrote the setting; so they’re back to coming on 100% and warm white. We’re trying to figure out how Osram was changing the “default”; but I fear they do another firmware update to embed it directly into the bulb. If only we could get both hubs on the same zigbee network and poke around with a new “default” active.

Hey @Sticks18

Yeah - @johnconstantelo’s experience has been mine as well, unfortunately. I’m guessing there is some kind of new command class that sets the default with the new firmware. Given Osram’s support with other parties (like Wemo), I’m guessing they would be very open to share it. They really have done a great job with the LIGHTIFY line

hi folks,

thanks for the great thread, i’m just getting started with automated lighting and have a question about how you all are using the lightify bulbs.

i’d like to have a setup where the color temperature somewhat follows the day and to have a couple modes to bring down the brightness during the evening and to be very dim at night. it looks like the lightify lights can do that, just with their own hub, but i don’t see how the switch on the wall will allow for the bulbs to get the programming changes over time. additionally, from what @Kristopher and others are reporting, a hard on/off is resetting the last known settings.

is there a light switch that works with smartthings that will send a software based on/off to the bulb, which would turn off the light, but leave the bulb powered and connected to receive updates/instructions?



This FAQ might be of interest on switches. It’s about Hues, but many of the same setups could be used.

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thanks @JDRoberts, that’s an interesting thread. it sounds like what i’m looking for doesn’t quite exist, this would be my ideal:

push-button or touch for on/off via automation
hard on/off for the power to the bulb/fixture (could be very small, only needed in case the bulbs need to be reset or just powered off in case of issues)
options - slider for dimming via automation, slider/buttons for scenes

i bought some flic buttons, so those might be my short term solution, it seems like these new smart bulbs have added a wrinkle that the manufacturers haven’t really thought through very well.

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Agreed, a device with a separate hard on/off for the current load to the light as an emergency option would be really nice. I haven’t seen one.

Lutron and Hue both introduced their first battery operated switches for smart bulbs this fall, which do give you dimming for a group of lights (but no color temperature control) from a switch. But their idea is that you leave the old power switch turned on, and put the battery-operated switch wherever it’s convenient. They haven’t combined load control and automation requests in a single device.

Maybe next year, I agree there’s a definite need for it. :sunglasses: :bulb:

all very interesting. it’s funny, the temperature control was what initially drew me to getting into some automation, i really like the idea of getting the interior lighting warmer and dimmer as bedtime approaches, so the lightify and lifx both caught my eye. also, i love my wakelight and want to program my bedroom lights to do the same thing. i’m starting out with the wemo system for the lightify bulbs and trying a lifx for my bedroom, i expect to eventually move to a smartthings hub once there is a good answer for the switches.

thanks for your input and advice, it’s much appreciated!

Hello. I just picked up a couple of the tunable white bulbs at Lowe’s. I paired one of them with SmartThings. It didn’t identify the device type automatically, so I went into the API and changed the device type to “OSRAM LIGHTIFY LED Tunable White 60W”. But it’s acting really weird. It seems like the properties displayed in the app are incomplete, and I can’t seem to control the bulb. Tapping the on/off button makes the button flicker to the opposite state, then back to the previous state, and nothing happens on the bulb.

Anyone seen anything like this?

Sounds like the zigbee join process didn’t take fully. Maybe due to distance or interference. I’d suggest resetting and re-pairing the bulb closer to the hub.

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Thanks, I’ll give that a shot.

Well, I did get it working, even though it was still a bit bumpy. Took the first bulb downstairs (which is the same floor as the hub) and reset it. Ran through the pairing again. It still didn’t seem to complete setting up the device properly (it kept spinning in the ST app after the light blinked to indicate pairing) but this time when I backed out the “to be configured” device was properly identified as the right type. I finished configuring it, and the properties showed up correctly and I was able to turn it off and on and manipulate the color temperature.

Then I put the second bulb (which I hadn’t get done anything with) into the same lamp and tried setting it up. It did the same thing the first bulb did. After the first pairing, it only came up as a generic thing. I reset it like the first bulb, and it paired successfully the second time, but with the same caveat as above of not completing the configuration on its own.

Not sure what that’s all about, but in the end, my bulbs are working. Thanks again for the help!

I have one Cree bulb connected right now with you any issues for about a year. The one issue I had just like most of all my issues I jack around with the setup and mess something up, then I have to go back and fix it. I just installed 6 Osram mini garden lights to the front of my house. They look great and work great! I have them on a schedule for the past 2 months and no problems.

I’m doing just that with a devolo paddle switch which is set to change mode between the automated mode…I.e. Various instances of smart lights smartapp and manual which leaves them off so GF doesn’t get annoyed when they randomly switch on (based on motion) when she is sat reading in the day time…

Not fitted a luminance sensor yet so have the various smartapp instances set against sunrise/ sunset and then lower levels at set times

Out of curiosity, are there any smart apps that can manipulate the color temperature of these bulbs?

Most popular is @Kristopher Circadian rhythm app that changes the color temp throughout the day to mimic the sunlight.

I think Rule Machine has added Color Temp or will soon. That should give you lots of options.

No stock ST apps that I know of. If you have something particular in mind, someone here can probably help you out.

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@Simon_Goldberger thanks, i’ll dig around and see if i can find something like that here in the states.

i’m pretty set at this point on ditching the wemo and lifx and just getting smartthings and some dimmer switches, but it would be good to have on/off by my bed as a button/switch.

Thanks, that helps. I’ve installed Circadian Daylight. I think that’s the kind of thing I was looking for. I checked out Rule Machine, which could be interesting, but it doesn’t look to do color temp yet, only full color changing bulbs.

Thanks for letting us know your experiences @Kristopher i was a bit reluctant to upgrade all the bulbs so this was great to know. just over half done now - really wish i had switches (and your script to simplify the process!)