Osram Lightify - Set color with routine?

I’m trying to create a routine that will turn our Lightify bulbs orange when we say a trigger word to our Amazon Echo. For some reason, I can’t figure out how to get color selection into a routine. There are “smartapps” that will do color changing based on various triggers, but those smart apps triggers aren’t picked up by the Alexa app the way normal Smartthings routines are, and they don’t have the option to be triggered by voice.

Any ideas?

You would probably want to use CoRE/Web core and some virtual switches.

That looks very cool!

That’s also a bit more of a learning curve than I have time to tackle right now. Looks like a good long weekend project.

I was hoping there might be a simple(er) solution.

You could also use mode. The routine will change a mode and that mode will change the color of the bulb. You should really have a look at webCoRE when you have time. It’s one app with unlimited rules.