Osram Lightify LED Starter Kit $19.98 after rebate

Menards has the Osram LED Starter kit for $19.98 after rebate


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Important to note that the Menards rebate is basically in store credit, can’t use it anywhere else I believe

Sorry did not know that, i have never purchased from there, but saw the deal and figured I would let people know.

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Seeing as I am remodeling my basement, I have a bunch of stuff to buy form Menards. Thanks for posting this.

1 more thing, Menards also seems to have the lowest normal prices for lightify products. For example the RGBW bulb is typically $40 at home depot and amazon however it is also $30 at Menards. Seems to be $2 lower than average price today :slight_smile:

You can, and I have had my local home depot price match. They go 10% less than Menard. HD won’t count the rebates in this

unfortunately the closest menards is like 3 states over lol, HD only does price match on local retailers I believe right? I am in SoCal



LOL, only this community would Road Trip 3 states to save $20 on a smart home item. I mean, I myself go into every Lowes and HD around me just in case they drop some prices or close out some stuff. How will I ever catch up to @Mike_Maxwell unless I can get Iris motion’s for $10ea. lol