Options to open garage door hands free?

I’m tired of pulling out my phone to do it with ST. I have a iPhone so i don’t think siri can do it and have apple carplay but i do use alexa so maybe alexa auto.

Currently i do not let alexa have any control of doors for the fear someone can just yell at her and open my doors.

Does anyone make a device that you can clip to your cars sun visor that links to your phone and ST that works like a classic garage door remote?

Is there a easy way to do this?

Why not just use a “classic garage door remote” clipped to your car’s sun visor? Or, the Homelink module found in many cars these days? If your garage door is already integrated with SmartThings, then ST should still get notified when the door changes state. Is there a reason you want ST to initiate the open cycle instead of the garage door opener itself via its included remotes?

You could do it with Siri. You can setup a Siri shortcut to run a webcore piston.

I have a Siri shortcut that will lock up the house, which includes shutting the garage doors. I just use my remote to open them, however. but I could make a piston to open the garage doors as well. The problem is you have to have your IPhone unlocked. So it kind of leads to the same issue as having Alexa do it. Also you still have to pull out your phone to unlock it

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Probably because of distance? ST would open it further away?

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@David9723 mentioned that he has Apple Carplay. Thus, Siri should be available via a steering wheel button press. Could that activate a shortcut without having to pull the phone out and unlock it?

I may have to try that… :thinking: Thanks for the idea!

A normal garage door remote? ha ha it’s 2020 almost!!

But seriously the range is bad, the remotes never work until you get right in front of the door! There is nothing worse than sitting in traffic for a hour and a half after a long day of work only to come home to a garage door that will not open until you push the button just right! I installed go control long ago.

I installed my radio in the car so there is no steering wheel controls it’s a old car.

If you have to unlock your phone to use Alexa or Siri fist it kinda of defeats the purpose.

Another option - not exactly what you were looking for

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I actually thought about adding a shortcut to open my garage door via voice for when I am riding my Bike. I have a Sena headset so I can activate Siri, but I of coarse can’t unlock my phone. so they are useless.

They work great in my truck because I have a air vent holder and it’s positioned so that when Siri activates to run the shortcut it can see my face and unlocks.

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You could look into opening the garage door via a presence sensor, but you’ll want to be very careful and build in some safeguards as opening doors (or locks for that matter) via presence can be unpredictable sometimes.

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Or you could stop being a drama queen and use Alexa in your car like everyone else!

I use an IBeacon on my wheelchair. Same idea. I don’t use just regular phone presence because of what I call the “bus stop“ problem, where I’m sitting on the bus half a block away waiting for the driver to unload me and my door opens sooner than I want it to. IBeacons have a near, medium, and far range and a medium works very well for me. I can have it trigger right at the base of the wheelchair ramp.

You can use the Home+ app to integrate it into HomeKit or use Geofency to create a webhook that you can use with webcore or Ifttt. So the set up might take a little thinking through and a third-party app, but it can be done. :sunglasses:

Discussion in the presence FAQ:

FAQ: The Many Ways of Detecting Presence

apparently your phone needs to be unlocked for it to work?

I would avoid the Echo Auto as that needs your phones Amazon app, whereas the Amazon Input just needs a WI-FI connection and works great in the car.

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