Open-Dash 1/5/17 Update - Logo Contest - We Need Your Vote!

Just wanted to update the community here on the progress we are making over at

First of all, we have a new home for our organization.

Second, we have a great start on our core API and core infrastructure as a meteor app running React. All available to test the interaction between ST and a standalone local install or even deployment via docker.

Last, we launched a logo contest where several of our design team submitted some amazing logos for open-dash. We put these up for public voting over the next week at

Please take some time to vote on a logo (or 5) and help us pick our logo. Voting will close on 1/13/17 (Friday the 13th?)

We are also working through the intial workflows for setup and daily usage in our slack. If you want to join the team and contribute your ideas, concepts, etc. Let me know!



So just to update you all, we had a late submission for the contest, but in the spirit of openness I’ve uploaded these logos and extended the round of voting till next week. For those already voted, I upped the number of votes from 5 to 7 to allow you to consider the other logos.

So help us pick the logo for and as always, stay up to date by following the blog at and vote here


Has the final choice been made for the logo? Been catching up on Open-Dash via the community and website - really impressive what the team has created - can only imagine where it’ll end up!

It hasn’t. I have been personally busy moving to San Diego and still trying to dig out of a huge personal backlog of issues. Alpha testing continues, its pretty rough at the moment and still waiting on ST to approve our app, but that may or may not ever happen.