Open/close sensor not identified as such

Hi guys!

I got this device

In theory an open/ close sensor, but it’s only identified as a motion sensor…

I think (can’t be sure anymore with all the dh changes) it’s the Philio PSP01-1 Sensor… got the dh from here, the community, somewhere.


You made sure to set the DTH for that device to the custom one? It may not have automatically grabbed that one.

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I think so…:slight_smile:

Found your problem…that isn’t an open/close sensor. The listing for that model number on Amazon lists it as:
PHILIO PSP 01 (1)PIR, (2)temperature, (3)illumination 3 in 1 sensor

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@Ryan780 is correct.

I was going through DTH’s on here for it and none show anything about open/close. It is just motion, temp, illumination.

Then clearly mine isn’t that one… which one is it then? lol! what can I try? (thanks for chipping in!)

Try the PSM01 or PSM02 DTH. They have contact sensor in the capabilities.

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Darn, all githubs there are dead… :frowning:

One of the first replies on that post had a DTH copied and pasted in, not just a github truncation.

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I get this with that one…

That said, I’m on my cell phone trying to get it to work…


  • Philio PSM01 Z-Wave Multi-sensor. Detects door/window opening, ambient light, ambient temperature
  • Capabilities to enable: battery, contact, illuminace, temperature, poll, refresh, sensor
  • Author: SmartThings, jscgs350
  • Date: 2013-11-3, 2014-3-12

// for the UI
metadata {
simulator {

	status "open"	: "command: 3003, payload: FF"
	status "closed"	: "command: 3003, payload: 00"

You may want to jump onto a computer.
I was able to copy and paste the DTH into my IDE, save and publish, without any errors thrown. I went to manually create a device and it was in the list of available device types as “Door Sensor” down in the custom DTH part of the list at the bottom.

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I actually ended up talking to @johnconstantelo and he gave me access ot his DH… worked like a charm on the first try… Thank you both for your time guys!