Ooma Google Home Caller ID annoucements

Just wanted to share a cool “Idea” that I got working today.
Basically, using IFTTT, WebCore, and Assistant Relay I was able to make my Google Home smart speakers announce the callers.
Basically, I used the Ooma Service with IFTTT and Webhooks.
In IFTTT, I configured the webhook to POST an “Application/json” to the WebCore URL that I got from the WebCore Settings>Integrations menu:

I configured the Post to include the Caller name and number (as well as which number called since I have multiple lines with Ooma)

The piston then takes the arguments in the IFTTT call to form an announcement that is posted to an Assistant Relay that is running on a RaspberryPI


You can also use Tasker and AutoCast for this as well.

Not that hard at all.