One rocker button switch

I’m sorry, I’m a little confused. There are many different switches and buttons that can work with SmartThings, some with just a single button. And many with just a single switch. I’m not familiar with any specific device which is 4 buttons and 4 rockers that works well with SmartThings. ( there’s a GE wall mount controller that has been around for a long time, but that particular one doesn’t work well with SmartThings, so isn’t that popular in the community.)

So we’ll be able to help you better if we can understand a little more what you’re looking for.

Also, it matters whether you are looking for a device that will work with the US version of the smartthings hub or with the UK version, as the device selection available is somewhat different.

So, first basic question: which model of the SmartThings hub are you using? US or UK?

Next, If you’re just looking for switches, any certified Z wave switch which is just a switch (and not a “scene controller”) should work fine with SmartThings for basic on/off/dim. You can see a list of all certified devices on the official Z wave alliance products website.

Then if you have questions about a specific brand/model we can discuss that further.

If you’re looking for battery operated devices which can be put anywhere, there are quite a few that work well with SmartThings and they have many different form factors. There are also some mains powered “button controller” devices which might work for you. See the following FAQ, which covers both battery powered and mains powered, Wallmount and handheld (this is a clickable link)

As far as using a switch that is mains-powered, but not connecting it to the load, sure. At least in the US, it’s a little more complicated in the UK. One of the most popular for this purpose is the auxiliary switch sold for the linear/go control line. It’s intended to be the auxiliary in a three-way set up, and so it is not designed as a load control switch to begin with. But it does have its own Z wave radio, so it is visible to SmartThings as an independent device. ( this is in contrast to the GE auxiliary, which communicates with its own master by physical traveler wires, and doesn’t even have a radio.) this auxiliary switch is typically less expensive than a master switch, one reason it’s popular for this kind of use case. If you’re interested in that one, definitely shop around as prices do vary, but I’ll put the Amazon link here just so you can see it.

Is this helping any? Again, I’m just a little bit confused about what you’re looking for, so please forgive me if I’ve misunderstood the question.