OK Google with Smartthings

This would be very cool if we could do it with Smartthings instead.

See more OK Google commands


That’s very cool. There’s the voice control feature that’s been so elusive. Not sure how likely it is ST would embrace it, maybe they can with S Voice? The one thing positive about Quirky’s direction is they are constantly adding new hardware and features.

I believe there is a tasker add in for voice control that would let you do that.

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Sure. I use that, but it would be a lot easier if it was already integrated. Most users would not be able to work with Tasker.

There are a few good threads on this:

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Be sure to follow the few Amazon Echo Topics here.

It’s a great device… Relatively accurate, and a few of us have developer access so will be doing some Proof-of-Concept SmartThings integration.

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