OJ Microline Wireless Underfloor Thermostat

Hello all,

These are my first few days with Smartthings and I haven’t been able to find anything about this particular query.

There is no official integration that I can find, but does anyone know if it is possible to get smartthings to talk to this product http://www.ojuk.co.uk/Business-Areas/Electric-Floor-Heating/Products-1/Products/Electric-Floor-Heating/Wireless-Control-System-CS4.aspx

It broadcasts on 868 Mhz… So I suppose it could be done in theory…

There is a great bit of work done here by @Alyc100 for a different brand of underfloor heater, which would be my (more expensive) fall back: [BETA] Warmup (Connect) [Warmup 4IE Wifi Thermostat]

Thanks in advance,

I would also be interested in integrating my OJ Microline floor thermostat.
Any progress?

I am looking for the same solution but in US, using OJ Microline WiFi Thermostat, it should work like a nest since there is url, anyone with some coding experience can help perhaps

Hi @hayyan @marchambault @spareshirt

Pinging this thread. Did any one of you get this working on the ST platform?


I did not.

Still looking for answers, anyone please?