Odd Problem with POPP 9303


Not directly a Smartthings issue, but relates to the POPP 9303, which I know some of you have used.

I recently bought one, to use with Smartthings.

I expected to have to fiddle with it a bit, but with the help of this community, and the notes I found here, it turned out to be straight-forward.

My problem is an odd one - physically putting the switch together.

The cover comes as a frame and a switch cover (also a backplate, but ignore that).

If I ignore the frame for the moment, and just try to snap the switch cover onto the switch, it fits perfectly. But if I insert the switch into the frame, and then try to attach the cover, it won’t snap on.

What appears to be the issue is that the green circuit board of the switch protrudes from behind the plastic of the switch by a few millimetres, sufficient to stop the switch fitting in the frame snugly. Instead it rests on the circuit board, and this leaves a couple of millimetres gap between where the switch is and where it looks like it should be. Because the switch isn’t snugly in the frame, the cover is merely resting on the lugs of the switch, and cannot snap onto them.

Has anyone else had this problem? It looks like a dremel might be the solution, but I don’t see why I should need to do this to a new item. On the other hand, if the switches are all like this, returning it for a replacement might be futile.


Please see info on fittings here. Sounds like you are trying to fit a type 2 into a type 1… which will require cutting the plastic corners:

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Useful info, thanks.

However, what I forgot to mention was that the switch and the frame/cover actually came in the same box as the switch, as a complete item. A POPP branded box too, not something a third party have put together.

You would think they could put together the right frame for the switch in their own boxes.

you would!

no idea then. The order should be chip --> frame --> white plastic back bit attached to secure in place

Duh. I’m feeling a little thick now.

I realise now that I was assembling it the wrong way, and trying to insert the switch part through the back of the plate, so that it was held in by the cover.

This was simply because I have an old dimmer switch (not Zwave) which assembled this way.

It looked like it would just fit, if it wasn’t for the circuit board, but I actually had it the wrong way around.

Thanks anyway for trying to help! :smiley: