[OBSOLETE] ZWN-SC7 Enerwave 7 Button Scene Controller

Many people use a tablet dashboard for this purpose. You can get an inexpensive android tablet for around $50, or even a wifi iPhone for under 20. Combined with the popular community created SmartTiles app, you have a highly customizable modern zone controller.

The following topic is specifically for discussion of various mounting options for this lots of pictures, some very creative ideas:


Another alternative is the smartenIT 3 toggle switch. This is very simple, battery-operated, so you can put it anywhere. Works well with SmartThings.

That still leaves the issue of controlling the light which is controlled by the original dumb switch. You have some options there. You could use a micro relay inside the switchbox keeping the original dumb switch, or replace that individual switch with a smart switch.

So it’s not completely ideal as a substitute for the a SC7 since you end up adding the zone controller to the area rather than replacing the existing switch, but might be worth considering.

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