[OBSOLETE] Xioami Zigbee Door/Window Sensor, Motion Sensor, & Smart Button Device Type

Yes. I’ll share it later today. I have made a few modification mostly for testing or debugging. Let me clean that up first before i upload

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So I just picked up my Gearbest order of a motion sensor and a smart button and wow is the motion sensor tiny! I thought the iris v2 motion sensors were small but this makes them look gigantic lol.

Very good point. Don’t think anyone has posted a photo with them together to compare sizes.

I’ve included an AA battery and a v2 motion sensor to give some scale.

I was also extremely surprised how small and nice these devices all were.

Oh wow… those are tiny. Is the circle in the middle a temperature sensor?

It’s a button.

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I’m have the issue where the devices may become unresponsive after not being used for a while. Any sure fire easy to fix this?

What devices? Try to short press the pin see if it connects back to ST. Also check the hubs log

I have a button and a motion sensor, both were disconnecting but now the button stays connected. It’s now showing battery levels as well every hour (which may be what’s keeping it connected?). The motion sensor however drops off after no activity.

I’ve found that all my xiaomi devices all dropping after roughly an hour of inactivity as per the original problem. Maybe I was a bit hasty in buying a shedload of sensors!!

(happy xmas everyone)

Thinking maybe to try setting up a Piston in CoRE to refresh them at 50 minute intervals to see if that helps.

Does that happen to the plugs too?

That’s strange. I haven’t touch my door sensor for a week, and it’s still sending me battery status. Which devices and handler are you using that’s dropping?

The temp sensor is still working for me. In fact i never got a device dropped until now.

But anyway, i got the xiaomi hub working on HomeAssistant so I’m moving the sensors away from ST

Have you try looking whether it’s the update ST did? I saw some thread about Zigbee devices dropping because of the update

Haven’t received the plugs yet they are still due to arrive. But have a lot of sensors which only stay connected for less than an hour. Seems I was a bit hasty in buying all this kit after reading this threads success in using these devices.

I’m using the original device handlers @erocm1231 put together at the beginning of the thread. They do not have battery states.

The sensor itself never changed or updated. so if you have it dropping initially, it may never work now unless ST changed something. Could be the issue with your mesh network, try place it closed to the hub and see if it helps

Also, try the pairing method that i shown in the plug thread

I see. Maybe battery stats keeps the devices connected?

Could you share your custom handler with battery stats?

I think i have one posted in github. I’ll post the rest once I’m home. Been busy playing with HA for the past weeks :grin:

I’m curious about home assistant and you getting the xiaomi hub working with it. Does this mean you’re able to use other zigbee devices with HA like cree bulbs for example?

Here’s the one for Door sensor.