[OBSOLETE] Xioami Zigbee Door/Window Sensor, Motion Sensor, & Smart Button Device Type

Can the Hub be paired to Smartthings? It has a nightlight and alarm/siren function that would be great if it could be integrated with Smartthings and work based on mode/routine.

No you cannot pair them via zigbee. Only way is if someone writes a connector via ethernet, assuming there’s a REST api for the Xiaomi hub.

There’s an API for the hub through UDP. So far, there’s no way to control the hub directly but you can control the devices connected to the hub which are the same devices which you can add to Smartthings…

Hey guys, i just got the xiaomi button and noticed the buttons not displaying battery status seem to drop connection and need to be re-added. Do we know why some are reporting battery status and some are not? I’m currently using lazcad device type for the Xiaomi Button. Last night I added 5 buttons, 2 reporting battery status stayed connected this morning and the other 3 needed to be re-added this morning.

Where are you guys ordering this stuff from? What are shipping times like?

I have ordered some door sensors from gearbest. It’s been two weeks and still waiting (EU shipping).

Gearbest also - and also waiting for delivery.

i ordered off AliExpress vendor E-Source Factory. Ordered 13th, shipped 14th. Looks like it was put on the plane the 19th. So i’d assume its somewhere in customs now.

just installed two buttons tonight. But the doublepress doesnt seem to be enabled. Also is it possible to get it to send held every second so i can dim with it? Or is it possible to build something like this for it:

i ordered mine from gearbest in the US and got them the next week, im in phx.

Great work, can u guys pls tell me what xiaomi sensors are now working with the ST without their hub ? - thanks.

Unfortunately not. ST cannot see the zigbee info being sent when you double press the button. So right now, there’s no way to put that in.

So far, it seems like every sensor works without hub.

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Awesome ! so I can now go about buying their stuff ! I just bought a ST hub among other things.

EDIT: Got few more questions/confirmations reading most of this thread:

  1. Xiaomi motion & door sensors works without custom device handler just by following the mentioned pairing process in this thread ?

  2. I guess the plug & temp sensor will need a device handler ?

EDIT: bought a bunch of Xiaomi sensors & plug from gearsbest,

You can pair door, motion and button with ST with a couple tries. For button and temp, follow my other thread on how to pair those.

But all except temp sensor requires custom device handler.


Another update using the plug as a repeater. It seems reasonably stable. Still not 100% convinced that it has the same consistency as the actual hub. I’ve had a temperature sensor go offline for a few hours. Also the PIR sensor had issue sensing at one stage, although that sensor was placed on a electrical switch box and that could’ve messed with the signal.

Also, great news with building a smart smoke alarm. I’ve figured out the correct circuits to make it all work. Will write up a simple guide when I fully assemble it and re-test. For the moment only 3 components are required. Might be a long wait for the relay to arrived so I though I’ll post the component list first!
1 x diode
1 x capacitor 1uF (i’ve used electrolytic)
1 x reed relay SIP - 1A05 http://www.gearbest.com/development-boards/pp_142262.html

Thanks for the update, i’ll be using the plugs as a repeater mainly as zigbee repeaters are hard to find here.
When mine arrive i’ll test them thoroughly too.

I have a few more plugs coming too. Once I get them i’ll set up another one and see if that helps.

Will also be opening them up to see if I can mod them to be portable relays

I ordered from Everbuying but I think it’s going to take forever to get here. Thanks for the gearbest US suggestion.

is there a device handler that shows battery status for xiaomi door window/sensor and motion sensor?