[OBSOLETE] Xioami Zigbee Door/Window Sensor, Motion Sensor, & Smart Button Device Type

ZigBee router devices (also known as repeaters) are designed to act like a WiFi extender, and allow ZigBee end devices (which are normally battery-powered) to connect to the ZigBee mesh network via the router - instead of directly to the hub, which might be too far for a strong signal. So ZigBee routers work in the middle, between the end device and the hub.

Most mains-powered ZigBee devices are routers, except for some ZigBee bulbs (such as Sengled bulbs).

Xiaomi and Aqara devices are incompatible with almost all ZigBee routers/repeaters. The only routers/repeaters confirmed to work are the IKEA Tradfri Smart Plug, a device called an XBee (see this thread for more details), and a community user-created multi-sensor device.

You are welcome to check if you are using any mains-powered ZigBee devices and reply back here with what they are. I’ll let you know if they’ve been reported as compatible with Xiaomi / Aqara devices or not.