[OBSOLETE] Xioami Zigbee Door/Window Sensor, Motion Sensor, & Smart Button Device Type

Remove all power, batteries too. Hue hub shouldn’t matter.

I just switched to your DH. Thanks for putting it out and maintaining it.

I have two Xiaomi aqara sensor that work fine. I have one Xiaomi sensors the round one that eats through batteries in two weeks. I not sure if anyone has had this issue

No idea if this is relevant - but I came across a some documentation (a translation of the Chinese manual) which I don’t have at hand - sorry!!! But it seems that certain button presses put it into “test mode” - during which time it has instant response - I’ve always seen this when first pairing. The manual stated that after two hours it would go back to regular response (1 minute). This has always been my experience. Curious - does it keep at instant response for you now, after you did this initial test?


Out of the three Original Xiaomi Smart Human Body Sensor devices I had recently activated, I’m not thrilled with the performance.

I’m not sure whether it’s related to the Device Handler or the device itself but I’ve noticed that the status in the Things view in my app doesn’t always change from “no motion” to “motion” when I am testing it out. However, it seems like the device is actually registering motion if I go into the device’s detail view and look at the last motion date/time.

I’ve placed two of the three outdoors (connected to webCoRE to send SMS to track movement in a restricted area) and it seems like one was going off literally any time the wind blows, at times happening once per minute. I have no idea if it’s seeing shadows (which wouldn’t make sense) or if there’s ants or something crawling in front of or on it, but it was driving me inside. The other one seems to go off appropriately. However, overall, I do wonder how often they are registering true motion as when I’ve passed by both then back again 30-45 seconds later to test, an SMS hadn’t always sent to me for each pass by. Both devices are set to 3 seconds via the Device Handler.

In any case, while I’m glad I got them for $9.99, I wouldn’t rely too heavily on trusting these sensors.

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I have started an all inclusive thread for the Xiaomi Zigbee sensors. Please refer to this thread.

For futher discussion please refer to the thread above.

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I think the reason they wouldn’t send you the SMS on both passes, if they were 30-45 seconds apart, is because they take 60 seconds to reset. Even if you configure it to show inactive in a shorter period of time, it won’t report a new instance of motion until 60 seconds after inactivity begins. At least that’s my understanding. If you drive by with a 65 second gap, you’ll get your SMS on both passes.

Yep. You’re absolutely right. When I was testing it out, I read the description on the Thing’s setting page within the ST app and realized it needed 60 seconds between passes for it to register.

Hello I wonder if you could help if this is possible ?Have you any plans to intergrate xiaomi gateway with smartthings to possibly use the light and siren as this would open up a lot of aplications for everyone using your device handlers many thanks

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I don’t own a gateway but I would love to figure out the integration.

I have a Xiaomi robot vacuum and love it. I love their sensors, I would love to figure this out.

You can integrate xiaomi gateway to homeassistant and integrate homeassistant using mqtt bridge to smartthings and use virtual switches to control it, works too for xiaomi vacuum cleaner

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Another possible man in the middle option is to use Domoticz which the Xiaomi Gateway can connect too


There is a community Smartapp that connects some Domoticz devices to ST , but you would need to ask @dudz40, what ones may or may not be supported by his interface.

Domoticz Server will connect anything that is of type Switch/Light/Blinds/MultiState switches, it really does not look at the brand, if it is supported by Domoticz the app will transfer it into a known device in ST with capabilities known to ST. The app will do some additional things like matching contact/power/lux/thermostat functions to sensor types within ST as well. So it does not matter if it is Hue/Xiaomi/Limitless led whatever, it will convert to a type within ST.

Anyone come across a Xiaomi Plug that can be used as a repeater. I heard they were out there but not a lot of luck finding one. Trying to get around the 32 device limit for Zigbee. I ear that these plugs are the only ones that can connect the Xiaomi devices to the ST hub via a Zigbee repeater. Otherwise they have to be a direct connect to the ST hub

@a4refillpad tried to get the ZigBee-based Xiaomi Outlet working as a repeater, and ultimately found that they just don’t work in conjunction with SmartThings:

My advice is not bother. Just ripped all mine out in disgust!!
50 dropped zigbee devices over 48 hours. Totally wrecks your mesh. I have close to 170 zigbee devices in the house, these outlets are a disaster if you have a lot of devices like me.

Some days later he came up with a CoRE piston workaround that got them working, but not reliably.

I haven’t hit the 32 device limit (yet), but I was planning on getting an Iris Smart Plug (that does both ZigBee and Z-Wave repeating). I just haven’t researched whether it will repeat with Xiaomi devices correctly.

Iris does not repeat Xiaomi devices. I have two and every time they repeat via the iris plugs they drop.

I am going to experiment with an xbee.

Let me know how it works for you - so far I haven’t gotten any end device to attach to either of my xbees.

Thats odd. Assume you used the same settings as i did (see post on flakey zigbee).

The other way of doing it is connect to the hub, move them, then plug xbee in and out, they will claim the device and mine have now been rock solid for 2 weeks (zero intervention).

Interesting that method worked.

All the SmartThings FAQ information states that ZigBee devices will only change from connection to a hub to a repeater (“router”) if the hub is powered off (& backup batteries removed) for a couple of hours.

I would still love to know which ZigBee repeater works with Xiaomi devices without any issues.

I think the faq isnt right. xctu mapping disagrees