[OBSOLETE] Xiaomi Sensors and Button (beta)

The original button is a bit tricky but there is one plastic spring tab on the back outward edge that is about 3 mm long. You lift this up just a bit and spin the bottom off.

Thanks. I also found this youtube video which gave me some clues and I managed to open it to access the battery. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5lrHUEb05ig But it isn’t clear that I actually need to slide/spin it.

Hi, I just setup a few Xiaomi plugs as repeaters. How do I check if other devices are connecting via it or directly to ST?

I bought a couple of the Xiaomi Temperature/Humidity sensors from AliExpress but am having a bit of trouble. The LED is lights are not turning on when I hold the button down and I can’t get the back off to check the battery without screwing up the casing - it just doesn’t turn. Has anyone else had this trouble?

Can some one guide me on the issue with Aqara Button WXKG11LM. This little guy working with me for last one month , and i am using bspranger DH, i have connected the switch with hue lights to make it on/off using smartlighting app. Yesterday suddenly this device stops responding with lights, i deleted and repaired the device, also restarted the SThub, but nothing works in my case.
I already have one dead in few days of buying, don’t want to waste this one.

The debug log show this message when button pressed.

debug Aqara Button WXKG11LM: Creating event [name:button, value:pushed, data:[buttonNumber:1], descriptionText:Aqara Button WXKG11LM was pushed, isStateChange:true]
debug Aqara Button WXKG11LM: Setting Last Pressed to current date/time
info Aqara Button WXKG11LM was pushed (Button 1 pushed)
debug Aqara Button WXKG11LM: Setting Last pressed to current date/time
debug Aqara Button WXKG11LM: Parsing ‘on/off: 0’
debug Aqara Button WXKG11LM: Parsing ‘on/off: 0’

Update: I managed to get the back off these with a knife and, of course (given the price), they didn’t come with a battery.

So, I popped one in, added it, and its working with no issues so far, updating both temperature and humidity. There was no need to look for the catchall as I’ve read others had to do.

I used this DTH:

Lets see how long it stays connected…

Hi there!

Has anyone tried Xiaomi Aquara Zigbee Lock to work with Smartthings?


This is the Heiman smoke detector, not a Xiaomi Mijia Honeywell smoke detector!

How often does your xiaomi humidity sensor update? Mine does not seem to update unless I manually do it, which defeats my purpose of shower and fan automation

At least every minute when there is a change. If there is no change the. Not for a while.

As I said in PM, the best way to test this is to breathe on the sensor. For me, that’s a sure way to tell how quickly both the temperature and humidity increases are reported.

Might not work as well if you’re in Texas…

Hi Brian,

Can the version nr or date be coded in the DH so it visible when you select for example the settings button in the rh corner or on the tile itself when there is space?

Keep up the good work!

Grtn Ben

Picture of an unused spare sensor! :innocent:

I have just pair my first Xiaomi doorsensor and everything works like I charm.
when I want to create a scene the sensor don’t shows up. Any ideas why?
I use SmartThings app classic.

New vibration sensor. ordered one to try

I’m guessing that a Scene isn’t quite what you think it is. A scene is a group of settings for lights and switches (on/off, dimmer, colour etc) that can be applied together. You can trigger a scene from a routine or the Smart Lighting app and maybe some other places I am not yet aware of, but a scene doesn’t have any trigger in itself. So you wouldn’t expect to have a door sensor in the scene.

I like these, please let us know if it works out


Hey guys

I have a few of these sensors and for some reason all of them stopped reporting on the same day around the same time. On August 17th my door and motions sensors all stopped working. I have tried to reboot the hub as well as remove the batteries on the sensor but there is no change.

Any ideas? Any way for me to see if there were any changes to smartthings hub at that time?



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Let me know if it works when u get it please

Hey guys this thread is packed I’ve looked through and Google too.
I have a couple of the xiaomi sensors (humidity and motion)installed the Dh’s and used the pairing process and they connect fine. When I use the catchall method by the time I go to input the code my device has already been added by smartthings within the app from searching for devices…so my humidity and motion sensors are connected could be an hour could be 5 hours then they disconnect…I delete them and add again and again…same result I’ve left them beside the hub and no change…am I doing something wrong…just to note when I first connected my humidity sensor it stayed connected for about a month or so which was earlier in the year.

I’ve started work on a DTH for this new Xiaomi device, as discussed over on this thread. Although it’s not exactly the right term, I’m going to stick with calling it the Aqara Vibration Sensor, because it will be too confusing to call it a motion sensor when there’s already a Xiaomi (PIR-style) Motion Sensor. It does detect motion, just physical motion of the sensor itself rather than detecting motion of other objects by visual means.

The Aqara Vibration Sensor can detect three types of motion:

  1. Tilt (likely using an accelerometer)
  2. Vibration
  3. Free fall (a drop of at least 3 inches)

Also, there are 3 levels of sensitivity which the sensor can be set to.

People using other Home Automation platforms are still working on reverse-engineering the non-standard way in which Xiaomi has implemented these functions, and I don’t have one of these sensors (yet!) so it may take a little while to complete a fully finished and functional DTH.

I will post here again when I have an initial beta release of the DTH to share, but after that I plan to post further updates on this thread: Original & Aqara Xiaomi Zigbee Sensors (contact, temp, motion, button, outlet, leak, etc)