[OBSOLETE] Tuya TS0115 Power Strip Handler

Heya all,

Here’s the handler for the Tuya TS0115 Power Strip Handler, it’s fully functional so it means it also has control over the USB ports :slight_smile:

It does not have nor expose voltage/power/energy/temp, so it only has on/off functionality.

You’ll need to install the following both handlers for it to work:

Parent handler:

Child handler:

How to install the device handler:
1.- go into the SmartThings Groovy IDE: SmartThings IDE
2.- go into the tab 'device handlers’
3.- Click on the upper right button '+ Create New Device Handler’
4.- Select the tab ‘From code’
5.- Copy the previous link’s code in there.
6.- Click on the ‘create’ button.
7.- on the upper right corner, click on the ‘save’ button, and then, click on the ‘publish’ button, and select ‘for me’



Nice work…

Can you help me with this switch too?

I have a handler that work only the 1st gang of the 3

Thank you

Hi, will answer in your post.

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