[OBSOLETE] SwitchMania - create 4 different kinds of virtual switches

Got this error below when trying to create a switch, then I changed it to momentary and it worked.

That’s a weird error, as – at least until today – custom smartapps could call on SmartThing’s default device types without adding them to the IDE.

Don’t know if this is just a hiccup or something that ST is newly implementing, but you can avoid this error in the future by adding ST’s “On/Off Button Tile” device handler to your IDE. Just go to “Create New Device Handler” --> From Template --> On/Off Button Tile --> Create

I did install the device types. I’m headed out on vacation and will check and re-install this when I get back.

I’ve had ST for a couple years, but am new to the IDE side of things…I’ve gotten tired of waiting for ST to create the functionality I want so going to try and learn how to myself.
I’ve added both the On/Of and Momentary Tile to My Devices through the IDE, and added all three apps to MyApps from GitHub and made sure they are up to date through "Update from Repo"
When I go into the ST on the smartphone and add the App from the Marketplace, all goes well. However when I open the app and click on “Create a New Virtual Switch” or any of the other settings in the app…nothing happens…it just spins and stop without letting me in to the settings area. Any thoughts?

SmartThings broke Parent/Child apps this afternoon so any app that creates another app like SwitchMania won’t work. You can always check status here although sometimes it can be a bit cryptic.

Check here also:

UPDATED 3/25/16


SmartThings SwitchMania-related Apps & Devices

SwitchMania - is the parent app. It controls 2 types of child apps: Find the SmartApps and Device Handlers
(1) ‘My Virtual Switch Creator’ - it can now create 4 different types of virtual switches: (i) on/off switches, (ii) momentary switches, (iii) dimmer switches, and (iv) simulated presence sensors); and
(2) ‘My Switch Calls Routines App’ - links any switch with a Routine when a switch is turned on or off.

You need to install all 3 apps in the IDE.

You should also install SmartThings’ “Momentary Button Tile” and Michael Struck’s dimmer switch. A copy of both of these device handlers can be found in my GitHub repo. Be sure to use those versions, as the have the proper namespace for the apps.


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I can’t seem to find Michael Struck’s dimmer switch in your GitHub repo?

Here you go

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Repo updated

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Just installed everything today but i’m getting an error: Failed to save page: default page when trying to create any virtual device. Is it the case that this app is broken due to the parent/child issues highlighted above?.

Thanks. I’m looking forward to using this app.

If you have also installed the device types, then Probably. But I’ll take a look on my end.

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Specifically which apps and device handlers have you already installed?

Does anyone know of a primer/guide/link to virtual switches for dummies? :blush: I am new to all this and have a sense i could use them for great things, but don’t know exactly what they might do for me. I looked for an article online and most of them were incomprehensible.

Taking a quick look around, it seems like it enables Routines to become Things so that you could use them in more complicated scenarios in Core or some other such thing. Is that the main purpose then?


Search this community, you’ll find many uses.

I have one called Whole House Fan that turns on all zone fans. I have one called party mode so we can start the party. There are so many reasons, but I say let a use case drive you to use one. Don’t start with the tool, start with the need.

I could only create momentary switches until I did this. When I selected on/off switch, the app would show a red banner and fail, so I started with a momentary switch, and then went and edited it afterwards. It accepted being changed to a on/off switch, but didn’t actually change the switch type.

Just in case anyone else is having issues…

I just installed this yesterday and was working with it today. I was trying to setup a dimming switch but it wouldn’t take, so I did as nitin.samani did and I setup and momentary switch and then went back and set it to a dimming switch and then it took. However, what is the difference of the momentary switch and the dimmer switch? I am setting up a switch to go with a Routine to turn the switch on when we want to watch a movie. Then I setup a CoRE piston to dim and change the colour of the lights when the switch is set to on. This way I can have a widget on my phone for easy access.

Hi. A momentary switch is basically a one-way toggle switch. It will turn to the “ON” state - momentarily - before automatically returning back to the “OFF” state. It’s ideal for a switch that triggers other events. A dimmer switch is a switch that you set the state to on, to off, or to a level of 0% to 100%. The dimmer switch will stay in the state until you instruct it otherwise.

Does this work with Alexa, i.e. will Alexa recognize a virtual switch created with SwitchMania?

Yes - as long as you include it in the Alexa app and then discover new devices (just as you would need to for any other device).

Thanks, the reason I ask is that I use a lot of Cree Connected bulbs and would like to have one switch to control a single light fixture that has 2+ Cree bulbs. Is this the right solution for such a issue?