[OBSOLETE] Smart Alarm is here

I think you are right. This is not made to interact with an existing system. It is meant to BE the system. :smile:

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@geko - Kudos, this is phenomenally well done for a first revision, you have just reset the bar on community sourced applications and in the process shown ST they need to up their quality as well, which we all know will come with time as they have so much going on and 100% agree with their current focus on stability and reliability before adding more devices and apps. Can’t wait to see what your next project is and hopefully you share it!

I apologize in advance for partially going off topic within this thread but it seems to have all the right individuals that I see post everywhere and may be in the know.

Is anyone aware of a security service monitored alarm solution that is able to integrate directly with ST and/or be added to this type of app?

I really want the best of both worlds, the ability to have fire/police notification when needed, but be able to integrate with ST to be aware of presence and sensors notifications, as well as, be able to set alarm modes based on presence, and/or amount of activity around the home.

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I can weigh in that we are talking with some of the monitoring services and will offer this as a service layer on top of SmartThings at some point. One of the cool things about this is there won’t be contracts, you’ll be able to start and stop service if you want, as you go on vacation etc. We also expect there to be other ways to monitor - perhaps a neighbor rather than a monitoring service. Just some ideas to illustrate what we are thinking about.


Still it’s pretty sweet and could really be useful doing other things, but I’d rather get my alarm system connected with ST’s. I trust that over a push message LOL.

I posted in another thread, that integrating ST with most alarm systems can be as simple as using FortrezZ MIMOlite I/O module to connect to alarm panel’s programmable input/output terminals. Most panels (e.g. SimonXT, all DSC and Honeywell) have at least one input and output terminals, allowing to pass alarm event from the panel to ST and vice versa, from ST to the panel. It’s not as flexible as having full remote control (e.g. using Envisalink adapter), but it works.


Please contribute to the http://docs.smartthings.com git! Your findings could probably help others.


@geko With the push and SMS options. It doesn’t seem to be able to only push/text for triggered alarms? Only Push/SMS for activation AND triggered alarms.

If you are looking for feedback, I’d like to be able to configure it to only alert me for triggered alarms. When I go into away mode, I’d prefer to just get the away mode push. Thanks though, really like your app.

Hey Guys,

How do I get this app. I logged in to my IDE account, I only see MyApps. Where would I see shared apps?


Create a new app, then go to the browse apps in the top right corner, and go to shared apps. Then copy and paste the code to your app.

Thats how I did it at least.

Installation instructions are here:

@Ben - That is fantastic to hear hopefully it is not in the far distant future and closer to the near future, as that is the one piece I would love to have to complete my full home ST setup.

Love this app. But noticed that if you tell it to turn on lights when it trips to alarm mode, then the next time it arms or disarms, it turns those same lights off.

What would you rather do? Leave it on or return to a previous state?

Unless I don’t understand, it shouldn’t do anything when it’s arming. It should only turn on the lights when the alarm is triggered.

It may not be the best option in all use cases. It really depends on what’s connected to the switch. For example, you may want to connect an outdoor siren. Do you really want it to stay on until you manually turn it off?

Sorry, I’m confused. Again, I thought the setting is supposed to turn on sirens and the other setting can turn on other switches once the alarm is triggered. Which is fine. What I was seeing is when the system arms or even after I modified the settings and said “done” it turned off the lights that I’d set as to be turned off during alarm.

Sorry if I misunderstood your question. Currently, switches behave the same way as alarms (sirens), i.e. they’re always turned off when the “alarm panel” is reset. When an alarm is triggered, both sirens and switches are turned on. After 3 minutes, the alarm is reset and thus both sirens and switches are turned off again.

Can we get a entry chime yet? The sonos option isn’t great as there is a big delay. That’s one of the major things that I took for granted with a standard alarm.


installed and love the app. I am guessing the snap shots are from iPhone, my Droid looks different…& the disarm/panic do not appear to be working for me just empty spaces

This app looks awesome. Is the only way to disable an alarm through the app? My wife is old school and is looking for a switch or keypad.

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