Wireless home alarm

Is there an easy solution to wire an output from my exhisting home alarm to a sensor or hub that will then transmit a zwave signal to Smart Things? Barring a full and complicated integration I would like my triggered alarm to send a signal to Smart Things. All the ST hub needs to know and relay is the fact that which ever sensor is wired to the alarm has been triggered/activated.

There were a couple variations on a zigbee wireless bridge, CardAccess made them. But Control4 now owns them, so chances of it following an open spec, slim to none.

As for zwave, not sure. Typically the security systems have a RS232 port, so you could monitor it from that and send a request across that. But some of the newer alarms have IP interfaces to poll, but you would need either a cloud based web service to interact with it or raw socket implementation on the Smartthings hub, which I have asked for, but no answer as of yet.

Hope that helps…

Don’t some of the door sensors have contacts on them that can be directly wired? If your alarm panel has a contact closure that signals an alarm, that might be all you need.

If your panel has a relay output you could use one of these.

… or these: